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10 Powerful Tools to Get More Listeners For Your Clubhouse Event

Clubhouse is a new social media platform and voice chat application that allows users to have meaningful conversations on different topics of interest. Individuals who use the platform can host events, create rooms, invite others to join a conversation, and just discuss. The app was released in April 2020, and since then, it has gotten […]

5 Free Tools for Creating and Scheduling Twitter Threads

Twitter is a social media platform where users can share tweets so that other Twitter users can see, interact, read, comment, and more. Twitter was founded by Jack Dorsey and other co-founders in March 2006. Since then, Twitter has grown massively to have more than 330 million active users as of 2019. Users get to […]

5 Trusted Freelance Platforms for Nigerians

If you have a relevant skill that can be marketed, one of the best ways to get more money through that skill is by freelancing. What really is “freelancing”? Because the word gets thrown around nowadays. Freelancing is the act of selling your services to employers without a long term contract binding you. Freelancers usually […]

5 Places to Sell Your Side Projects

There are actually more random ways through which money can be made, and who would have thought that those almost abandoned side projects of yours could still fetch some cool cash. If you or your team have created a really cool technology website or online resource and it has become a side project that you […]

5 Places to Find Free Responsive Email Templates

Need free responsive email templates? Email marketing is a big business in the internet marketing world. If you own a brand that you are trying to promote online, then trust me, you don’t want to miss out on the real deal of it, which is email marketing. Email marketing as a form of marketing is […]

5 Places to Find Free Pitch Decks From The Best Startups

Need free pitch decks?  So, pitch decks are a sort of presentation that tell the audience or investors about your business and gives a good summary of your company. Pitch Decks are presentations that are very brief and are usually created with the aid of MS-PowerPoint, Prezi or Keynote. These three tools help business owners […]

5 Places to Find 404 Page Content Inspiration

The 404 page is a landing page and it communicates just one single thing to your web visitors, “the page requested does not exist”. Sometimes, it does not necessarily mean that the requested page does not exist, it could mean that the page is not accessible at that period of time. What this means for […]

15 Apps For Tracking Your Subscriptions And Managing Expenses

15 Android and iPhone apps for tracking your subscriptions and managing expenses With the advent of the internet, there have been many services at our beck and call. And we have subscribed to these services – I’m talking about your Netflix, Medium and other products that are important to you. So, many yearly and monthly […]

No Download Required: 7 Free Screen Recorders You Can Run With Your Browser

Screen recorders allow anyone to record their Computers and mobile phones, depending on the screen recorder you’re using. These screen recorders allow you to share a part of your Computer or screen with anyone by saving your recording in video format. The difference between a Screenshot and a Screen Recording A screenshot can only capture […]

10 Free Mockup Generators You Can Use Right Now

Need free mockup generators? Step into the spotlight! Mockup generators help to create prototypes of your UI or UX design for you to share with others or use for future purposes. When trying to create a design mockup on your device, you need specific types of tools to do it. Mockup generators can create scaled […]

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