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5 Platforms That Let You Transfer Money From Ghana to Nigeria

5 Platforms That Let You Transfer Money From Ghana to Nigeria

Looking for the most effective means to transfer money from Ghana to Nigeria? Look no further. In this article, we will be listing five unique and efficient tools that will help you.

Many times, traditional banks charge exorbitant rates for the transfer of money out of the borders of a country. Using the traditional method to transfer money is not very cost-effective and productive. Hence the need for quicker and less costly options. With the advent of online banking, luckily, there are tons of options available to Africans to send money out of their borders. In this article, we will look at 5 major platforms available.


Bitsika also calls itself Africa’s Cash-App. With Bitsika, you can fulfil all the financial needs that you have in one app. Whether you want to put money on an app, send money to your friends, accept money from the public without revealing too much about your account details, or do whatever online bank transaction, Bitsika promises to be the solution you need. With Bitsika, you can transfer money from Ghana to Nigeria and Nigeria to Ghana as well. You can also buy airtime, or participate in giveaways no matter the origin in Africa.

Bitsika is available on the Google Playstore and Applestore. Bitsika even allows users to be issued virtual Visa cards online, that they can use for online shopping. The platform promises that their app can perform many financial transactions and you don’t need to download ten different apps to fulfil ten different financial services.

Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash is one of the best online financial solutions in Africa that you will love. With Chipper Cash, you can absolutely transfer that money from Ghana to Nigeria and even do much more. The main purpose of Chipper Cash is to send and receive money from all across Africa. The app was developed by Critical Ideas Incorporations and currently is available only on Google Playstore. The app has garnered over 1 million downloads from Google Playstore and rated above 4.2 stars by thousands of users.

Chipper Cash is free to use and very user-friendly. They also promise lightning-fast processing of payments and transfers. They offer very low cross-border rates of transfer and hopes to bring more Africans together as a whole, one financial transaction at a time.


Eversend is another great option for Africans to transfer, send and receive funds from each other within the African border. The Platform allows its users to exchange money across borders. With the app, you can also buy airtime, get a dollar virtual card and has a very easy signup process. Their user interface is also very clear and easy to understand for users.

Eversend also allows users to save money from transactions with up to a 13% cut when they use the dollar virtual card. It is also not limited to those within Africa only. If you are outside Africa, you can still send money to your loved ones in Africa with the app. They also promise that they don’t charge any hidden fees.

Barter by Flutterwave

Barter is a smooth working app that is available both on Google Playstore and Apple store for your financial transactions within Africa. You can create dollar virtual cards that you can use for your transactions with Barter. Barter also allows you to receive US Dollars and get fantastic bonuses for dollar transactions. The app was created by Flutterwave. Request for money, send money, pay bills and more.


Payoneer is a very popular option for receiving and sending money all over the world. Payoneer is trusted by millions of people around the world to carry out quick and stress-free financial transactions. This means that you can send, receive and transfer money from Ghana to Nigeria also with the platform. To begin, just visit their website and sign up.

Honourable mentions

EcoBank is available all over Africa. Standard Chartered Bank and other banks around Africa as well.

5 Platforms That Let You Transfer Money From Ghana to Nigeria
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  1. This is great to know! As someone who has been struggling to find a reliable way to transfer money from Ghana to Nigeria, this list is very helpful. I will definitely be trying out some of these platforms. Thank you for sharing!

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