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5 Email Subject Line Generators and Testers

The importance of having a great email subject line cannot be over-emphasized these days. This is especially true if you are a brand that is sending official emails to your potential customers and email subscribers. Apart from business owners who are using email marketing to promote their brands, another set of people need a killer […]

10 Powerful URL Shorteners You Didn’t Know Existed

URL, an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator, are links to pages and websites on the internet. Many times, URLs in their original forms are very long. And sometimes, people will add that URLs are not only long but complex and ugly. URL shortening is a technique that recently emerged with the purpose of shortening these […]

5 Free Plagiarism Checkers You Should Check Out Today

If you are a content creator on the world wide web, then you definitely know the importance of publishing contents that are 100% free of plagiarism. It is not an option but a necessity. Also apart from content creators, people in the education field like lecturers, teachers and students also need to be aware of […]

6 Powerful WhatsApp Tools to Grow Your Business

WhatsApp Tools are making buying/selling easier than ever! If you are a small business owner that is looking at attracting and keeping more customers/clients through Whatsapp, it is entirely possible. Whatsapp is currently the most used and most popular messaging tool in the whole world. More than 1.2 billion users use Whatsapp every month. Small […]

5 Places to Download Free Premiere Pro Templates

Introduction Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing software that was developed by Adobe. It is commonly referred to as Premiere Pro. Adobe Premiere Pro makes use of motion graphic templates that are used to add effects in videos editable videos. These templates are designed to be used very easily along with their controls. These […]

5 Tools that Let you Remove Backgrounds for Free

Removing unwanted backgrounds from your image does not have to be a tedious task. There are situations that call for a compulsory removal of your picture’s original background. For example, when you are creating graphics for your brand on social media. Or when the picture you snapped looks like it could have been better if […]

10 Places to Find Movie Subtitles for FREE

We wrote about 5 places to get Movie Scripts For Free 5 Years Ago. But now, we will look at 10 places to get movie subtitles for free. Some people like to have subtitles sliding under the screen while they are watching a movie. Other movie watchers do not. Different people have different preferences. Knowing […]

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