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5 Websites That Let You Create Receipts For Free

5 Websites That Let You Create Receipts For Free

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, then you definitely know the importance of creating receipts for customers. Some customers do not care too much about collecting a receipt as proof of their payment or patronage. While some other customers will demand that you issue a receipt to them. If your business is still small, you can get away with not giving out receipts for every sale. But if you run a large business, you definitely want to build a transparent business by issuing receipts.

5 Websites That Let You Create Receipts For Free

You can track every payment you receive with receipts in case you are accused of some financial fraud, and also let your customers have proof of their payments too. If you need tools to help you create receipts, then don’t look too far. We enumerated and explained five of the websites to create and send receipts with. Take a look:

WaveApps Receipt Generator

The website is formally called Wave Invoicing. With Wave Invoicing, you can send and also create professional looking receipts to your customers in a few steps. If you are not too sure about the quality of their service, you can easily create a sample and see if you like it. To create a receipt on this website, you need to follow three easy steps.
Firstly, you upload your company logo from your device to their website and all of your other company’s information. The second step is to fill in the box with your customer’s information. Then the third step is to enter the details you want in the receipt like line items and rates.

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Invoicy Receipt Generator

Invoicy is a free receipt generator that allows you as a business owner to easily create receipts for your customers very fast. It’s not only a receipt generator but also an invoice generator as well. They offer all of their amazing services to you at affordable prices. A visit to their website will let you see the different sections available. There is the section where you get free receipt templates, check the pricing that best suits your pocket, etc.

Invoice Simple Receipt Generator

With Invoice Simple, you can easily make receipts, invoices and estimates for your customers. With their website tool, you can also keep track of the number of clients that you have printed out receipts to and for which items the customers paid for. With these features, it is very easy to keep track of the receipts you give out as a business. All you need to do is upload your business logo and fill in the required information into the empty fields. You can also preview your receipts to see what it looks like. The receipts are also available in different colours for you to choose from.

Receipt of Payment

With Receipt Of Payment, you can easily create a professional receipt for absolutely free. Their tool has all the necessary details that need to go into a professional receipt. The website was created as far back as 2002 and they mentioned that they have issued out up to 50 million receipts since then. Read the instructions on their website to get started with creating your own business receipts.

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Free Online Receipt Template

With this free invoice builder, you can easily create professional-looking receipts on the internet with just a few clicks and a free template. They have an Invoice Generator, an invoice Templates section for grabbing new receipt templates, Invoicing guide and the option for international payments for their service. Apart from being able to create receipts for free, you can also track your sales with their system. Information that will be needed to create your receipts includes seller’s information, your company’s logo, date of payment etc.


The five websites above are some of the most popular options available for creating your receipts. A lot of business owners already use these services and are happily issuing out receipts to their paying customers. Try any one of the five and pick the one that most suits your business style. Your customers will trust you more when you issue receipts and you get to also track payments made to your business over time.

5 Websites That Let You Create Receipts For Free
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