CcHUB: Facebook Design for Epidemiology Hackathon

CcHUB Facebook Design for Epidemiology Hackathon


We are excited to launch the “Facebook Design for Epidemiology Challenge”.

This project is aimed at exploring and leveraging Facebook technologies (Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp), and data towards understanding, monitoring, and controlling the spread of diseases in Nigeria.

The Design for Epidemiology Challenge, will take place in a form of a hackathon, whereby, Epidemiologists, researchers, public health professionals, startups in the field of Epidemiology and designers will come together to creatively address the problem of public health outcomes and diseases in Nigeria using Tech and data from Facebook to better strengthen the digital Epidemiology.

We are looking for innovative ideas from designers and startups in the Epidemiology space to participate in the Facebook Design for Epidemiology Challenge.

Register now before the September 10th deadline.

Click here to register

CcHUB: Facebook Design for Epidemiology Hackathon
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