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7 Places to Learn SEO For Free Right Now

7 Places to Learn SEO For Free Right Now

Looking to learn SEO for free?

SEO which is short for Search Engine Optimisation is simply the process of optimising a website or content so that it gets more organic traffic. Organic traffic simply means traffic or website visitors from search engines. The main target of optimised organic traffic is to gain unpaid traffic rather than direct traffic or paid traffic. If you own a website, it is important to at least know the basics of SEO and how it works as it will be useful in ranking your website so that you get more traffic.

Without the basic knowledge of SEO, it will be hard to rank your website and hard for your potential customers or website visitors to locate you. As a website owner, you have two options. It’s either you outsource the SEO ranking of your website to an expert to handle for you, or you learn the important aspects of SEO by yourself. So, if you are going for the latter option, there are a number of places on the internet where you can learn SEO very fast and easily. Whether you want to become an SEO specialist to sell the skill to others or you want to learn it for your website, these 7 places are great options to learn SEO for free right now!

SEO Marketing Hub

This learning platform was created by Backlinko and it is your sure plug for SEO knowledge. If you are a total newbie to SEO, you will find their course very useful and easy to understand. If you already know the basics of SEO and want to further your knowledge, this hub is also right for you. On SEO marketing hub, you will learn about the SEO fundamentals, strategies for keyword research, strategies for content optimisation, technical SEO, and more.

You will also learn about useful tools for SEO and advanced strategies for SEO. It’s amazing the level of SEO training you can get from Backlinko’s SEO Marketing Hub. They pride themselves on offering learners the best and next-level SEO training. Learners also get strategies for link building and backlinking. If you have never really understood the concept of keyword usage, bounce rates and other website SEO terminologies, SEO Marketing Hub will completely expose you to them. 

Semrush Academy

With Semrush Academy, you can get free online SEO courses to further build your digital skills and improve your website’s performance on search engines. Semrush Academy is an excellent place to learn SEO for free because they integrate that knowledge into teaching you about Digital Marketing too. They have a course currently titled, “Semrush SEO Toolkit Course” and this course will take you about 3 hours to complete. The course will teach you how to use Semrush tools to boost SEO and it consists of video lessons. Semrush Academy has several courses on SEO apart from the one we just mentioned. So, we suggest taking a look at the link above to know more. 

Googlers tweets & answers on SEO

With this platform from SEO Asked, you can easily find an answer to an SEO related question that you have very fast and easily. This tool works more like a search engine for SEO questions and answers. It is an archive of all the tweets, answers and contents of Googlers all stored and frequently updated in their database. This means that whatever SEO related question that you or a member of your team have, you can easily search for it and share the answer with your team. You can find answers about technical SEO, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO and the latest Google algorithm updates

This 2-hour SEO course on Youtube

Of course, YouTube is a great place to look when looking for SEO tutorials. With loads of course contents being uploaded everyday on YouTube, it will be weird if we don’t mention a YouTube video course. This SEO course lasts for 2 hours and although it was published in early 2019, all the information shared by the YouTuber is still very relevant today in 2021. SEO, Keyword research, search engines etc., were all discussed in the video. 

Google’s Digital Skills for Africa

Google offers digital skill training to people and since SEO is a relevant digital skill, you can learn it from their website. You get to learn SEO online with a trusted web company like Google and thereby boost your skill set or website’s ranking. Google’s Digital Skills training encompasses many different areas of the digital world too.

HubSpot’s SEO courses

Part of the many resources that HubSpot offers its users is digital training courses. HubSpot is a popular technology website where readers can learn about blogs, blog monetisation, search engine optimisation, keyword usage etc. The website has taken it further as they now offer specialised courses like Digita; Marketing Certification course, SEO training course, Content Marketing certification etc. 


YouTube offers several digital training courses that are put out by expert content creators for other viewers to learn. The good thing about YouTube is that, learning is entirely visual and you can see whatever demonstration the YouTuber is teaching on the screen. Skills in the digital world such as Technical SEO courses are available on YouTube. 


These seven platforms listed above are great resources on the internet to begin or continue your journey of SEO learning. You cannot learn SEO for free in one day. It takes time and consistency with whichever course you enrol in. Please keep that in mind.

7 Places to Learn SEO For Free Right Now
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