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How to Make Money From Fairmoney

How to Make Money From Fairmoney

A message from Fairmoney

Growing up, I was taught to always show appreciation for every good deed. The truth is that showing appreciation is a simple way of making the world a better place and nobody shows appreciation better than FairMoney. The FairMoney Referral Program is FairMoney’s way of saying a big thank you to customers with up to ₦12,500.

Here is how to get in on the action. Refer a friend to download the FairMoney app, get them to use the FairMoney products list below and FairMoney will say a big thank you with up to ₦12,500 free cash.

  1. Refer your friend to buy mobile data and get ₦700.
  2. Get your friend to upgrade their account to tier 3 and get ₦300
  3. Refer them to take their first FairMoney loan and get up to ₦7,500 upon the approval of the loan.
  4. Refer your friend to save using either FairSave or FairLock and be rewarded with ₦2,000
  5. Refer your friend to buy electricity tokens and earn ₦1,000.
  6. Finally, when your referred friend fulfils all the above conditions, you get an additional ₦1,000 cash back!

It’s really easy! Refer as many friends as possible to use these FairMoney products and FairMoney will give you the appreciation you deserve in the form of cool cash.

So be like FairMoney and show appreciation for every good deed today.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Eligible users (the ‘Referrer’) can refer multiple friends (the ‘Referee’) with their referral code until the offer campaign is closed – both will enjoy cashback
  • The Referee must use the Referrer’s Referral Code to take their first loan
  • The Referee must not already be a FairMoney user and must not have an existing FairMoney Bank Account
  • Referral cashback offer only valid for loans of amount equal to or greater than ₦5000
  • Offer Campaign Validity: till 30 days after users signs up with FairMoney MFB
  • Above offers on Mobile data recharge, Electricity recharge, FairLock Deposit are only valid on the 1st transaction of the user within 30 days of signing-up with FairMoney MFB
  • KYC needs to be upgraded to tier 3 within 30 days of user signing-up with FairMoney MFB
How to Make Money From Fairmoney
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