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The Money List – Extended


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The Money List is a compilation of websites that truly pay on the internet, how to earn from them and then some tips to help you spot the ones that won’t pay or even waste your time.


I would have become a millionaire in 2010. Here’s why:

  •  Data subscription was cheap at the time. The Nigerian economy was better than it is at the moment.
  •  We had power in the neighbourhood almost all the time and it was easy to pay Baba Hassan N1000 to leave the lights on for another month. Baba Hassan was our NEPA guy at the time. He was a very grumpy elderly man that loved money more than anything in the world.
  •  I was curious and restless. My mother would find me “pressing” her phone by 2AM and sing me to sleep with her yelling and threats – “That phone will damage your eyes and brain cells. Do your research!”
  •  A friend introduced me to a website that lets you share links and make money. The website was called NewOgle (@newogle)
    Every day, I would go to his house to borrow his Nokia 6300, log on to NewOgle and spam my new Facebook friends with links. I managed to convince some of them that they could make money from the website by inviting others and sharing links to products on the website. The website had a dashboard for tracking your earnings and you can find out how many users you have invited to the platform and how much you have made. I could swear I made over $500 at the time. That’s over N180,000 in Naira today. Too small, I know. But all I did was share links and invite a few friends – I did not pay a dime to start with and I didn’t need to pay for adverts to get the links out.

Then one fine morning, the website stopped working. I would enter the URL in my browser and it wouldn’t load. My friend and I were hopeless and frustrated. They just packed up and… I laughed in Finnish, because I knew I was finished.
Newogle wasn’t the only platform we tried making money from at the time. But with most of them, it ended in tears.

Winthrills came along at some point and they paid. They paid me and my friends a lot of bucks. I was already in school at the time and for a few months, I was rich. I was going to share it on my blog one day when I saw complaints about it on Nairaland. I cashed out my remaining funds as soon as I could and bailed. Winthrills later crashed in the middle of 2018.
Glad I read the signs.

Another similar company, Revsplitnetwork, sufficed after Winthrills died but they did not last. Their last message was a Happy New Year mail in January 2019. Revsplitnetwork died too. I sensed it as well – they suddenly started advertising cryptocurrency in their mails a few months before. It didn’t make sense.

I wrote this ebook to give you insights on websites that truly pay and then some tips to help you spot the ones that won’t pay cash or even waste your time.

I will be showing you some platforms you can make money from with your mobile phone, blog, page or group. You don’t necessarily need to have a blog but some of the platforms listed here might require a blog or website for one reason or another. Luckily, you can create a blogger blog for free with your phone. So, no worries.

This is not some get rich quick scheme and you’d hardly need to spend money to implement some of the instructions in this book.

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