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The Money List – Extended


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Unlike Capterra, reviewing a product on G2 takes about 8 minutes. They ask a lot of questions about the product but most of them would only require you to answer either YES or NO or rate a feature between 1 and 10.

They pay $10 for each product you review. I was paid $20 for reviewing Skype and Zoom the first time I used it. They gave me Visa cards, $10 for each product reviewed but I couldn’t use the cards after redeeming them. It took me 3 months to realize that these cards don’t work on some platforms. I initially tried loading the dollar cards into platforms like Flutterwave’s Barter, my plan was to convert the $ into Nigerian currency and cash out from there. It didn’t work.

Long story short, I was able to use the Visa cards to renew my Interserver Web host. Seems you can use the gift cards to pay for products and services online, especially outside Nigeria. So, yeah, G2 works.


Register on They will send you an email containing everything you’d need. These guys send up to 6 emails a month but I can’t complain.
This is their support email in case you have any more questions:

So what happens when you get paid with gift cards?

You sell them or use them to buy things online. Most Nigerians prefer Amazon Gift Cards because there are a lot of Amazon gift card buyers out there, ask around. You can ask on your Facebook or Whatsapp status to start with. My friend, Ebenezer doesn’t sell though. He applies the Amazon gift cards to his Amazon account and shops with them.

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