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5 Apps For Identifying Your Dog’s Breed Instantly

5 Apps For Identifying Your Dog's Breed Instantly

Identify your dog’s breed instantly with ease

If you have just gotten a best friend and you want to know what breed they happen to be, then worry no more. In this article, we will be referring and redirecting you to five awesome apps that you could use for identifying your dog’s breed instantly or maybe in just a few seconds. You might even have had your dog for a while and not quite had the time to figure out what type of breed it is.

This question of “what breed is my dog?” is actually a fairly common question asked by dog owners all over the world. Some dogs are so mixed that it becomes very difficult to figure out what breed exactly it is. But thanks to technology development, you can figure out your dog’s breed more easily and faster. 

If you purchased your dog directly from a breeder, then you can just ask the breeder what breed type your dog is. But if it was not gotten from a breeder, then you have to find it out yourself. The following five apps can help you identify your dog’s breed very fast. 

Big Visual Search

This is an application or an online web tool created by Microsoft’s Bing to help you identify your dogs’ breeds. With their tool, you can discover the dog’s temperament, find and see dogs that look similar to your dog, you can find out your dog’s breed and do much more. All you have to do is take a photo of your dog with your phone and upload it to the site. The application uses visual search technology to figure out the breed a dog is. Also by providing your dog’s photo and using their search engine, you can help to improve the efficacy of their search engine so that other users can benefit from a much better service. 

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Dog Finder

With Dogfinder, you can easily find your dog’s breed and also view its dog breed relatives. All you have to do is upload your dog’s photo on their web tool and the system will automatically scan for what breed your dog is likely to be. You can also select from a sample of dog pictures that are available for use on their website or application. This tool works very fast and easily. You also avoid any complicated processes as their app is user friendly. 


Todogs is a great app to use to identify your dog’s breed fast. The app is available on Google Playstore for you to download. With Todogs, you can collect all the breeds of the dogs you see. When you see a lovely dog, simply bring out your phone and take a photo of the dog. Automatically, the Todogs’ system will recognize the breed to which the dog belongs. Once you have your long list of dog breeds, you can share your list with family and friends. On Todogs, there are up to 117 dog breeds to search within. 


Wand is a popular application that is available for download on the Apple store for users. If you want to identify your dog breed, find its relatives, or see pictures of dogs that are similar to your dog, Wand can help you with that. The user interface of the app is also very friendly and easy to understand. This application is only available on the Apple store and for iOS users. But this is a great option for identifying dog breeds. 

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Dog Identifier

Dog Identifier acts as a dog ID camera and it can be used by users/dog enthusiasts to instantly identify dog breeds. The app operates live and is specifically designed for iPad devices. The app is completely free to download and it identifies your dog breed entirely in real-time. All you need to use a Dog Identifier is your smartphone’s camera. The app can identify up to 100 different dog breeds. 


The five apps or web tools enumerated above are very useful apps that you could use to identify any dog’s breed. It doesn’t really have to be only your dog. Any dogs in your neighbourhood that you make friends with can be identified using these tools. The plus side of the above apps is that they are mostly free to download and use. This means that you don’t have to pay a dime to identify the breeds of your favourite dogs. We hope you found our recommendations useful. Happy dog-loving.

5 Apps For Identifying Your Dog’s Breed Instantly
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