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10 Ways to Anonymously Send Money to Any Bank Account in Nigeria

10 Ways to Anonymously Send Money to Any Bank Account in Nigeria

Are you looking for options through which you can send money to any bank account in Nigeria without revealing your identity? The good news is, there are several options for you. Being anonymous means that you choose to not disclose your identity. That is completely fine and we are sure you have your legit reasons for that. 

Many times, when you send money to someone else in Nigeria either through the bank or bank apps, your name is automatically sent along to the receiver. This means that traditional methods of sending money might blow up any attempts by you to be anonymous. You need other options. You need other legit options in Nigeria that will automatically send the money and keep your identity hidden. Are there such options in Nigeria? Of course! In fact, in this article, we aim to show you just that. We will show you ten different options through which you can send money to anyone in Nigeria, anonymously.

10 Ways to Anonymously Send Money to Any Bank Account in Nigeria


Launched in 2016, Flutterwave has since then grown to become one of the most reliable and fastest payment solutions in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Using Flutterwave, you can send money to anybody in Nigeria on an anonymous basis. They have established themselves as a reliable payment gateway through which businesses can make payments in Nigeria. You can definitely use this tool to send money without revealing your identity but you need to have received the money on your flutterwave account through sales of products or donations.


Paystack is a payment integration system that allows its users to accept payments from all over the world. Paystack is a highly reliable payment software that has built its name in the Nigerian fintech space. And yes, you can use Paystack to send money to a Nigerian bank account anonymously. 


Paga is a mobile payment company in Nigeria through which users can send and receive money easily. With Paga, you can send that money anonymously and in less than a minute. To use their service, all you need is a mobile device and your Paga account. 

Use a Paypoint (POS)

POS services are luckily everywhere in Nigeria now so it’s very easy to send money from a POS agent without stress. Just walk to your nearest POS agent and tell them you want to send money to someone. They will deduct the amount from your bank account using the POS and send the money to the recipient using a mobile bank app. This way, the recipient will not know who sent the money since it’s from a PayPoint. 


Opay is a very popular payment and financial app in Nigeria where you can send and receive money to any bank account in Nigeria. Opay allows Nigerian users to carry out several financial transactions right from their digital phones. If you want to send money anonymously within Nigeria, Opay is a great option for you.

Deposit at Bank with a different name on the Slip

Another way to send money anonymously within Nigeria is to visit your bank’s local branch and make a deposit into the recipient’s bank account. While making the deposit or payment into the bank account, you don’t have to put your name on the slip. You can put a different name so that you remain anonymous. 

Quickteller Paypoint

Quickteller Paypoint is a great avenue you can use to send money anonymously. There are many quick teller Paypoint agents in Nigeria who can help you to transfer funds fast within Nigeria and you can choose to tell them to not disclose your identity. Your name might not show but email might show though


MoneyGram has both a mobile app and a website that you can use to send money to many countries in the world. You can also use the MoneyGram app in Nigeria and you can choose to not state your identity before sending. 

Via Post/Delivery

Did you know that you can send money via the post office? All you need to do is to find a National post office location near you and fill the money transfer form. Provide information about the recipient who will receive the money and choose whether to disclose your identity. Pay the necessary posting fees and be rest assured that the money will be delivered anonymously.

Use a Transfer Agent

A transfer agent will help you to transfer your money to the recipient’s bank account without needing your identity. This is a fantastic way to send money easily without identity disclosure. 


Whichever options that you eventually settle with to use for anonymous money transfer, be sure to choose one that is most accessible to you. All our recommended transfer options above are highly reliable methods that you cannot go wrong with. If you’re closer to a post office luckily, go for post money transfer. If you’re in the United States, you might find that it’s easier to use MoneyGram. All the other options are also great, you just have to find the one most convenient for you. 


10 Ways to Anonymously Send Money to Any Bank Account in Nigeria
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