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Presentation: 6 Microsoft Powerpoint Alternatives You Can Use On Your Browser

Presentation: 6 Microsoft Powerpoint Alternatives You Can Use On Your Browser

Microsoft PowerPoint is a very popular presentation package owned by Microsoft Inc. The software was initially released in 1987 for Macintosh Operating System. But the software is now run only on Microsoft Windows OS. 

Microsoft PowerPoint is a part of the Microsoft Office Suite bundle which also contains Microsoft Excel, MS Word and other office tools for productivity. MS PowerPoint has a big advantage over other presentation tools because it has a bigger name and is a more popular brand and also has amazing presentation packaging features.

If you are looking for alternatives to the amazing MS PowerPoint program, then we have six also efficient alternatives for you. They will get your slides packaged and well presented.

Google Slides

With Google Slides, you can create amazing presentations wherever you are for completely free. Google Slides is a Google powered tool that allows students, content creators, entrepreneurs or any type of users, to create and edit presentation slides. 

Google Slides also allows you to collaborate with other users from wherever you are in the world. You can also present these slides as well right from your home or office. Google Slides is a very popular and legit alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint and many users attest to the effectiveness and ease of use of Google Slides. You can import your Powerpoint files to Google Slides and edit them there as well. That’s not all, you can present with Google Slides as well

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Google Slides also has an advanced option for offices and workplaces for better collaboration called Google Workspace. Google Workspace is still Google Slides but with the added benefit of security and team control. 

Presentation templates by Pitch

Pitch is another presentation software that you can use as an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint. With Pitch, you can make presentation slides that will also make perfect pitch decks. Do you have a business proposal that you need to pitch to an audience and you want to create the perfect pitch that will win their favour? Pitch promises to help you with that. 

Right on Pitch’s website home page, you will see different presentation templates from which you could choose. These presentation templates are fully customisable and very user-friendly. With these templates, you can choose which one matches your purpose best. From marketing slides to creative slides, to pitch slides and more.

Presentations by Canva

Canva is popular as a design tool all over the world but Canva also extends into providing presentation package services. With Canva’s presentation tool, you can design your slides, collaborate with other users and share the resulting slides with other members of your team to achieve your goals more smoothly. 

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Canva promises that whether it is a product pitch, a keynote for a conference that you are to present or an assignment you are assigned, you are assured to find several presentation templates to start with. 

Adobe XD Presentation

This is a brand new plugin from the developers of Adobe. The plugin is used with Adobe XD and it is a cool tool that you can use to make beautiful presentation/slides easily. This plugin has lots of professionally designed themes that you can pick from for your slides. 

The default templates are fully customisable and each slide within a theme is very structured. The themes and slides are also crafted to suit a designer’s tastes. This plugin also has very useful elements that you don’t have to hunt for online. The elements are vector-based and include icons, shapes, photos and other elements. 


Slides Ppt is another presentation tool that you can use as an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint. Slides Ppt promises to save you time while they take care of the design aspect of your slides for you. They have unique presentation templates that have unique designs that you can use for completely free. They also assure you that all of their designs are under the Creative Commons license. 

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With Flowries, you can create compelling presentation slides that flow smoothly like you’re telling a story. You can edit your slide by using their very easy Online Editing tool, from anywhere. Flowries also has cool effects, elements and contents to incorporate into your slides to make them more appealing.


These six alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint are available online and easy to use. With these alternative tools, you can still get the job of creating your presentation slides done smoothly.


Presentation: 6 Microsoft Powerpoint Alternatives You Can Use On Your Browser
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