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5 Free Business Name Generators To Use Right Now

5 Free Business Name Generators To Use Right Now

If you are about to launch a business, then you know that getting capital and planning your business launch can be very stressful. Now, if you add all that stress to the struggle of branding your business, any entrepreneur can get tired very quickly. People hire consultants and marketing strategists solely for the purpose of relieving this branding and naming stress.

5 Free Business Name Generators To Use Right Now

You don’t have to rack your brain to think up a creative and ear-catching brand name. Your business name can be easily generated by using one of the many available tools on the internet. You don’t even have to hire a brand manager or a marketing consultant at all. Just generate your name with any of the five tools that we have suggested below.


Looking for an effective online tool that can help you generate a catchy business name? Looka is a total bundle of joy for any start-up. Apart from being a useful tool for business name generation, Looka will also help you to design your brand from start to finish. The unique thing about Looka is that the platform uses an AI-powered system to generate the best business names, logos and brand identity for startups.

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With Looka, you can start your business without worrying about branding. The platform promises to handle the creative branding burden of your start-up through the use of AI. Apart from business name generation, you can also bring your brand to life with beautiful logos and customised designs for your brand.


Namelix is also a great option for business name generation. Namelix uses the aid of Artificial intelligence to craft the perfect catchy name for your brand. To start using the online tool, all you need is to enter the keywords related to your business into the search box and hit enter. You will be presented with different business name options that suit the keywords.

Namelix allows you to generate business names, but not only that. The website also allows you to filter your results down, save the names that you love from those generated for future purposes.


By just entering a series of keywords into the search box on NameSnack’s website home page, your unique and brandy business names will be generated automatically. NameSnack prides itself on using the combined power of machine learning keywords with other good naming techniques.

Crafting your brand name with the platform is 100% free and the best AI technology in the industry is used for generating names for the users. Also, after generating your business name for you, it will also help you to generate the best available domain name that is closest to your keyword.

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With Naminum, you can be on your way to discovering the best domain name for you. On the home page of the website, is a search box that you need to enter your business keywords into. Once entered, hit the Enter button and automatically you will be provided with cool business name suggestions.

Naminum allows you to generate an unlimited amount of business names through their platform for absolutely free. You can generate brand names, startup names, blog names, the ultimate name for your product and more.


NameQL is a great online tool for generating your unique business name. Just like the other tools above, users should follow a similar process to use NameQL. On the website’s home page, you enter your keywords into the search box and you will get business name suggestions in return. The platform also has other resources for startups like informative articles and more. You can also save your favourite business name on the platform to be referenced later.



DomainWheel can be used to generate not just business names but also, domain names. DomainWheel promises that in a world of so many free business name generators, they are able to provide their users with absolutely usable business names and domain names. It boasts of using the best industry AI technology to generate the best possible domain name for your business.

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5 Free Business Name Generators To Use Right Now
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