5 Places to Find Free Pitch Decks From The Best Startups

5 Places to Find Free Pitch Decks From The Best Startups

Need free pitch decks? 

So, pitch decks are a sort of presentation that tell the audience or investors about your business and gives a good summary of your company. Pitch Decks are presentations that are very brief and are usually created with the aid of MS-PowerPoint, Prezi or Keynote. These three tools help business owners to be able to create visually stimulating and expository presentations to potential investors or clients that might have an interest in putting money in the business.

When entrepreneurs are seeking for finances from investors, they are usually asked to create a pitch deck and submit it. On average, a pitch deck usually has between 10 to 20 slides in it. These slides are units of a single presentation and are useful for containing information about the business or the entrepreneur’s brand.

A pitch deck is also commonly referred to as a Pitch book or a Confidential Information Memorandum. Apart from being used by entrepreneurs, it is also used by investment banks, corporate firms, and business brokers to advise others on the sales or the disposal of the business’ assets or shares. It is very common for startups to create pitch decks when trying to gather angel or venture investors. Your pitch deck is meant to showcase your company’s products, technology, potential and team to these investors.

The content of your pitch deck depends on the purpose of the meeting with the investors. There are different possible agreements such as, for raising capital, making a sale, forming partnerships and more. So, depending on the type of agreement, the pitch deck will vary.

5 Places to Find Free Pitch Decks From The Best Startups

In this article, we will be recommending 5 different places where you can get free pitch decks from. These 5 places have free pitch deck ideas from some of the world’s best startups, that you can use too. Let’s see them below.

PitchDeck Database

Just like the name implies, this web tool is a huge database of pitch decks and the good thing is, it’s available to you for free! You can free yourself from the time-consuming process of searching for investor decks all over the internet with this amazing tool of theirs. PitchDeck Database has up to 700 pitch deck examples for you to choose from. All for free, and that is rare to find. All these 700 pitch deck examples are located in one place. They also offer the service of connecting entrepreneurs with Angels and VCs from across the world. You can sample pitch decks from successful startups with their incredibly useful tool.

Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight’s article linked above offers you up to 19 awesome pitch decks from successful startups. They also offered key observations about these pitch decks in the article. You get startup pitch decks from brands like Airbnb, Buffer, Crew, Facebook, Foursquare, Uber, and more! Now, if that’s not amazing, we don’t know what is. All the pitch deck examples you have been seeking, are right there in Cirrus Insight waiting for you.

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Startup Decks

Startup Decks is another online tool that will get you funded in no time. With their tool, you can view investor startup decks and even submit your own. What they do is that you can order to get your own startup deck for your business crafted professionally just for you. They promise and guarantee you the best quality startup deck so that you can be a part of those incredibly successful startups out there and win those investments.

Pitch Deck Hunt

PitchDeckHunt has up to 150 plus pitch deck examples for you as an entrepreneur. These pitch deck examples were chosen from the best and really successful startups. Their collection is not a small number at all, up to 150! That means you have hundreds of amazing pitch decks to sample from. Also, they add new pitch decks every week so that you don’t run out of inspiration for your own startup pitch deck. They have pitch decks for different categories and stages. Just make your pick.


Opendeck is the perfect web tool for you to steal inspiration from for your own pitch deck. They have up to 1,200 startup pitch decks for you! Now, that is something. These pitch decks are sorted by category, so you can easily find the one you are searching for and the best of it? It’s free! You can choose from any category such as Product, Cover, Vision, Value Proposition, Competition, GTM, Roadmap, Business Model, Market and more. You can also add your own amazing pitch deck and contribute to the huge and useful database.

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Chagency Startup Funding

With the help of Chagency, you as a founder can have a successful venture capital pitch deck for your new business. Chagency has a huge and carefully curated library of pitch decks for you to browse through. You can even browse through a particular category called “Failed”. There, you will see examples of pitch decks that haven’t been successful in winning investors. YouTube, Uber, Square, Dropbox and others, are examples of startups whose pitch decks are featured on Chagency.


The six websites recommended above are amazing options to pick from for your own pitch deck. They have a huge catalogue of startup pitch decks as you can see. And they make perfect inspiration sources for your own pitch deck. Goodluck.

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5 Places to Find Free Pitch Decks From The Best Startups
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