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15 Apps For Tracking Your Subscriptions And Managing Expenses

15 Apps For Tracking Your Subscriptions And Managing Expenses

15 Android and iPhone apps for tracking your subscriptions and managing expenses

With the advent of the internet, there have been many services at our beck and call. And we have subscribed to these services – I’m talking about your Netflix, Medium and other products that are important to you. So, many yearly and monthly subscriptions that we have signed up for. But how does one keep up with all these? Honestly, it can get very tiring.

The same thing goes for our expenses too. Because it has become so easy to spend money nowadays (due to being in the digital world), we find ourselves trapped in so many expenses. There is always one expense coming up or the other at the end of the month. There is a need to keep track of everything. In this article, we present you with 15 awesome apps for tracking your subscriptions and managing your expenses. Most of these apps are free by the way.

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Subscriptions for Android

This app is only available for Android users and It’s on the Google Playstore. This app is specially tailored to help you manage your expenses, especially the regular ones. It also allows Android users to effectively manage their payments and ensures that they never miss a payment. If you don’t want to lose track of the amount of money you actually spend, this app is a sure bet for you. Whether it is your Netflix subscription plan, or Spotify, whatever it is, this app can effectively assist you.


Billey also lets you easily track and manage your subscriptions. The App is available on Google Play store as well as App Store for iPhone users. For all your recurrent subscriptions, to get statistics and charts of your spending, to set reminders for important payments and more, Billey is a great subscription tracker to check out. It has a rating of 4.4 on Google Playstore as one of the best apps for tracking your subscriptions and managing expenses.

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Reach is a great option for subscription tracking. But what is special about Reach is that you can easily track all of your expenses with just your bank alerts. Reach checks your SMS Debit and Credit alerts automatically and allows you to track expenses that way. Reach is one of the best apps for tracking your subscriptions and managing expenses. And the best thing? This amazing app is free to download for Android users only for now.

Budg says it is the perfect tool that you need to track all of your subscriptions. And truth is, Budg gets the job done. Budg is installable on your mobile phone’s home screen, you can access Budg from your browser on your desktop, Budg is available in different currencies from the USD to EUR etc. You can also switch between dark mode and light mode while using it. And it is absolutely free to use.


QuickBudget is a nice option for getting an expense breakdown at the end of the month. It will also calculate your income after deducting tax. All you have to do is adjust the settings. It also looks at other expenses like housing, utilities, food and groceries, etc. You can add the web home page to your home screen for easy access. It will also help you to calculate your total monthly income as well as annual income.


Outflow helps individuals to effectively manage the complexities of recurring subscriptions. You can also set up notifications on your phone in order to receive alerts before a subscription is due. Outflow is available on Apple store only for iOS users for now. You can track days effectively and get suggestions from your Gmail account.


Bobby is a fantastic option for tracking all “trackables” . With Bobby, you can get deep insights on your fixed expenses and get alerts when billing is due. Bobby is only available for iPhone users for now. The app is beautifully designed and will keep you updated on your subscriptions.

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Truebill helps you to take charge of how you spend your money. Truth is, though managing finances can be downright hard, Truebill assures you that, they are here to take care of things. You can stay on top of your financial life and lower your bill costs. The webapp is available for Android phone users and iPhone users.


With Billbot, you can track all of your recurrent expenses and also create different expense profiles, there are also hundreds of templates for free to use. Also, you can customize your Billbot app profile. Whether it is your Netflix, Spotify, Dropbox, Dribble subscription, or whatever, Billbot is a great option. It is available for both Android and iPhone users.


TrackMySubs is a very cool subscription tracker that you will love. Their website is also very, very cool. They have this tracker bot that helps you to cancel bills that you forgot to pay. So, you can cancel bills that you don’t need before they hit your credit card.


Dimeshift is one of the best apps for tracking your subscriptions and managing expenses. It is a very easy way to track your expenses right from their website. That is, right from your desktop browser or phone browser, you can turn on these subscription alerts and stay on top of your finances. Dimeshift also promises that you don’t need to register for an account before you can start using it.


This is a very efficient and effective money manager that works really well. Spendee is the only app that will help you get your money into the desired shape. With Spendee app, you can manage money on the go. Spendee app is available on Apple store and also available on Android’s Google play store.  You can also use their smart budgets feature to save up money for something.

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Hiatus for iOS

Just like the name indicates, Hiatus for iOS is only for iPhone device users. To start using Hiatus, you will need to sign up for it. Hiatus promises to help you simplify your financial life. You can link your accounts to Hiatus and track your large expenses. You can join their Android waitlist to see when they will release the App version for Android.

With, you can create customizable budgets and build better money management techniques. You get to sign up for free and get their amazing features at your fingertips. From managing budgets to tracking your expenses, to checking your analytics, and more.

Subscribly for Android

Subscribly is available on Google Play store. The app is very light, hence, will download real quick. It has an intuitive dashboard that allows you to quickly access the important features. You can track your online payment subscriptions, and edit them easily.

Subscribly also has a very intuitive and interactive dashboard where you can access summaries and many more features of the app very easily. There are default subscriptions like Netflix, Spotify and more but you can also add a custom service to the list of services. Especially if you can’t find the particular service you are looking for in their list. You also get alerts, notifications and summaries of subscriptions that are due very soon to prevent such service from expiring.


These are most of the best apps and websites for tracking your subscriptions and managing expenses on the internet right now. These 15 tools are available for download on their respective app stores. If you need an online tool for tracking subscriptions and managing your expenses, then these 15 tools are perfect.

15 Apps For Tracking Your Subscriptions And Managing Expenses
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