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Trading Stocks And Investing For Nigerians: Where to Start From

Buying Stocks And Investing For Nigerians Where to Start From

You can trade Stocks and invest with any amount and also, you don’t have to give anyone money to buy Stocks for you. This information is very important, that’s why I’m starting this post with them.

So, what I will be doing in this post is listing a couple of steps to follow if you would like to buy Stocks and own shares in companies.

Step 1: Investing in Stocks (Investing 101)

First of all, I need you to watch this Youtube video to get a sense of what Stocks are and how to trade them.

Step 2: Some Tips for Beginners Looking to Invest

Then, you have to watch this guy who would give some solid tips on Investing.

But, Wait, What is the difference between Forex and Stocks?

Please watch the video below to understand the difference between Stocks and Forex.

Step 3: Resources for Anyone Looking to Buy Stocks

  1. Get this app called: Learn: how to invest in Stocks – It’s available for android here and iOS here.
  2. Watch the Bamboo Webinar: The Bamboo Webinar is a 3-part webinar organized to explain the basics of stock trading and investing for Nigerians. We mostly talked about the Investbamboo App. You can watch it here
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Step 4: Trading Stocks And Investing For Nigerians: Where to Start From

First of all, If you’re in Nigeria, you can buy stocks with any amount. To do that, you can either use Bamboo, Trove, Chaka, RiseVest or Trading 212. They are secure apps like Piggyvest, except, you use them to buy and sell Stocks. I use Bamboo currently. Please click here to Learn about Bamboo and how to sign up. Click here to learn about Trading 212 and how to sign up. I use Investbamboo because It’s closer to home. They have an office in Lagos, Nigeria and they have been endorsed by popular Nigerians such as: Jason Njoku, Victor Asemota, Subomi Plumptre and many others.

Step 5: Additional Resources for Growth

Make sure to follow or keep up with investment news and updates to know what companies are not doing well in the Stock Market and what Stocks to buy. I do this by watching Stocks and reading Stock news on Yahoo Finance, The Motley Fool,, Investopedia and also follow Bamboo on social media because I use them.

Bamboo has a Telegram group/Community. Click here to Join

Speaking of Telegram: Here is a telegram bot that can send you Hacker News ( stories by keywords. Click here to add it to your Telegram. You can enter keywords such as Stocks and Stock to get the latest news about the Stock Market.

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That’s enough to get you started. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below or reach out to me anywhere with @iammagnus1



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Trading Stocks And Investing For Nigerians: Where to Start From
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