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Month: February 2021

5 Trusted Places to Learn Product Management in Nigeria

So, working as a Product Manager is cool but It’s not all rosy like you think. If you want to go into Product Management in Nigeria, you’d need to work with teams and team members who will be required to meet goals and targets (KPIs). You have to work with these teams and team members […]

Photographer? Here’s How to Get Hired on Unsplash

Unsplash is one of the world’s largest collection of high-quality pictures and these pictures are all submitted by a community of talented contributors, including you If you have ever uploaded photos on These pictures are also completely free to use for any purpose. You can say “Thank you” to the Photographer of a picture […]

15 New Clubhouse Tools For Gaining More Followers

Paul, Rohan and the Clubhouse team recently shared an announcement: “Our focus now is on opening up Clubhouse to the whole world. With that goal in mind for 2021, we have secured a new round in funding, led by Andrew Chen at a16z, who also led our Series A. It’s always been important to us […]

5 Places to Find Free Responsive Email Templates

Need free responsive email templates? Email marketing is a big business in the internet marketing world. If you own a brand that you are trying to promote online, then trust me, you don’t want to miss out on the real deal of it, which is email marketing. Email marketing as a form of marketing is […]

5 Places to Find Free Pitch Decks From The Best Startups

Need free pitch decks?  So, pitch decks are a sort of presentation that tell the audience or investors about your business and gives a good summary of your company. Pitch Decks are presentations that are very brief and are usually created with the aid of MS-PowerPoint, Prezi or Keynote. These three tools help business owners […]

5 Places to Find 404 Page Content Inspiration

The 404 page is a landing page and it communicates just one single thing to your web visitors, “the page requested does not exist”. Sometimes, it does not necessarily mean that the requested page does not exist, it could mean that the page is not accessible at that period of time. What this means for […]

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