5 Places to Find Free Responsive Email Templates

5 Places to Find Free Responsive Email Templates

Need free responsive email templates?

Email marketing is a big business in the internet marketing world. If you own a brand that you are trying to promote online, then trust me, you don’t want to miss out on the real deal of it, which is email marketing. Email marketing as a form of marketing is a huge strategy used online nowadays to get audiences to patronize a service or business.

We just defined what email marketing is to you, in very simple English. Based on statistics published in 2018, email marketing was ranked the most effective channel through which businesses can promote themselves. Yes, that was in 2018, but that data is still relevant today in 2021. Trust me, the experts know what they are saying.

Once you have managed to gather those subscriptions into your email newsletter, the next thing is to start sending very attractive emails to your subscribers. Your motive is to get them to first like you and trust your business, and then you can start pitching your products and services at them. There are 4 major types of marketing emails. They are; Information emails, digital newsletter, product update and transactional emails. Each type of email serves an entirely different purpose from the other.

Because email marketing has become a “hot cake” in the internet marketing sphere, many tools and web services have been developed to help business owners harness their email marketing potential. If you want to captivate your subscribers, you need very creative and beautiful email templates.

5 Places to Find Free Responsive Email Templates

There are some businesses on the internet that, once you see their email template alone, you will swoon and be utterly compelled to at least buy something. You can be one of those extremely charming businesses too. So, it was in that light, that we compiled this list of places where you can fetch some really intriguing email templates.

Really Good Emails

Really Good Emails has over 7,000 email templates in their collection. Their email templates show off both design and code and are very attractive to the eyes. In order to access their huge collection of email templates, the first thing you need to do is to subscribe to their own email listing. Their email templates are classified under different categories. From E-commerce to fashion, to email templates like brands of the likes of Pinterest, Apple, Invision, etc. There are free email templates and there are premium templates for those that want something doper.


Unlayer has really attractive and free HTML email templates. You can choose to either opt for free ones or a premium one depending on your pocket and the quality you want. To get started with Unlayer, you will need to subscribe or sign up to be their member. Once you have signed up, you can start choosing the templates of your choice. Unlayer boasts to be the best drag and drop email template builder in the market.  Their tool can help you build mobile-responsive email templates.

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Email Octopus Email Templates

EmailOctopus has an online tool that can give you some really cool HTML email templates for free and at a price, depending on the quality that you want. You can get started with EmailOctopus by downloading some free email templates once you sign up. Creating HTML email from scratch is not the “most fun” thing to do, especially when you just want to concentrate on marketing. But EmailOctopus has filled up this barrier and done the hard part for you. Their email templates work across all email management systems including MailChimp.


Beefree has a whole lot of email templates for you. They have a collection of up to 590+ email templates. You can also design your own email template on the platform, who would have thought? There is the blank template feature which allows you to design your own email template. They have the Pro email templates and email services which you can also buy if you want.

Campaign Monitor Email Templates

Campaign Monitor just like their name implies helps you to successfully launch your email campaigns to your subscribers and hence, make more sales. With their free email template builder, you can create very attractive and stunning HTML email templates by yourself! All their email templates are absolutely responsive on mobile as well as desktops. And they have the drag-and-drop editor to create your email template from scratch in about a minute.

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These five places above are some of the best of the best places on the web where you can source for free email templates that you can use for your email campaigns. You can decide to create your own or use their ready-made free ones.

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5 Places to Find Free Responsive Email Templates
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