5 Websites to Find Free Email Marketing Courses

5 Websites to Find Free Email Marketing Courses

A newbie to email marketing? Look no further, we present to you, 5 websites to find free email marketing courses.

Email marketing is an essential and indispensable part of internet marketing. Without it, many sellers on the internet will be unable to reach their potential clients to market their products. When a company has gathered enough email subscribers and also can devise a reasonable game plan to sell their products to these email subscribers, then chances are in their favour that they will make sales.

Email marketing involves sending commercial emails to customers who had previously subscribed to a product or service through email. Usually, these emails are in the form of advertisements, sales solicitations or for donation requests.

So, many internet sellers nowadays want to know how to market their own products through email. This then calls for the production of email marketing courses for willing learners. But if you are also a newbie to email marketing and you want to know how to market your products via email, then we present to you, 5 websites on the world wide web where you can find free email marketing courses.

Mailerlite Academy

If you want to get a powerful starting in the email marketing economy, then you can try Mailerlite Academy. Mailerlite offers free online courses to learn all the beneficial basics of email marketing. With Mailerlite, you get to acquire very useful and marketable skills that will be useful to you in your internet business. There are instructors and experts willing to guide you while studying with Mailerlite. Mailerlite might offer you a competitive edge because they claim to teach their students to stay on top of marketing trends. Also, the new email marketing skills will help to improve your product campaigns and boost your internet selling career.

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Hubspot is a free online learning platform for learning email marketing. The Hubspot Academy has courses such as Inbound Marketing Certification course, Content Marketing, SEO, social media promotion etc. You can also decide to take advanced lessons on any course that you want. All these are offered for free by the way. With Hubspot, you can start your journey into email marketing learning for free and with ease.

Email Mastery

With Email Mastery, you can subscribe for an email lesson if you like. Or you can just learn on the website itself without going down the email route. If you subscribe for their email lessons, you learn to understand email marketing in simple terms, learn how to grow an email list, learn the different types of email, and know how to use email analytics and metrics. There are also courses on their main website like The Spotify Email Marketing Teardown, The YETI email marketing teardown, and more. The whole course system depends entirely on what you want. And yes, it is free.


Udemy is the standard when it comes to online courses and every internet savvy person out there knows that. Udemy has up to 100,000 plus online courses and most of these courses are in high demand. All you need to do is find an instructor for your chosen course on Udemy. Udemy is one of the largest online learning platforms on the internet. So, for your email marketing learning interest, Udemy definitely has many courses for you in the email marketing learning niche.

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Also, there are various sites that offer you free Udemy learning coupons like we linked above, sites like Coupon Scorpion for example. With these coupons, you will be able to get email marketing courses for free or almost free.


Of course, YouTube is the ultimate place to get free videos on virtually everything. And this includes free email marketing tutorials and lessons from YouTubers or Vloggers experienced in email marketing. These videos are visual, and therefore, it will be straightforward to learn lessons or follow what is being taught since it can be seen on the screen. And yes, YouTube is free to use for everyone and that goes for the email marketing videos you will be watching as well.


All in all, these five places on the internet that we just recommended above, are perfect places to learn email marketing for free online.


5 Websites to Find Free Email Marketing Courses
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