Month: January 2021

15 Apps For Tracking Your Subscriptions And Managing Expenses

15 Android and iPhone apps for tracking your subscriptions and managing expenses With the advent of the internet, there have been many services at our beck and call. And we have subscribed to these services – I’m talking about your Netflix, Medium and other products that are important to you. So, many yearly and monthly […]

Why Trading 212 is the Best Stock Broker for Nigerians

2020, a year so different they named it twice. The year 2020 took a lot from different countries around the world but it also gave Nigerians a lot of opportunities; especially in the financial/money market. From a large influx into the Foreign Exchange to Nigeria being the second-largest investor in Crypto Currencies all over the […]

No Download Required: 7 Free Screen Recorders You Can Run With Your Browser

Screen recorders allow anyone to record their Computers and mobile phones, depending on the screen recorder you’re using. These screen recorders allow you to share a part of your Computer or screen with anyone by saving your recording in video format. The difference between a Screenshot and a Screen Recording A screenshot can only capture […]

10 Free Mockup Generators You Can Use Right Now

Need free mockup generators? Step into the spotlight! Mockup generators help to create prototypes of your UI or UX design for you to share with others or use for future purposes. When trying to create a design mockup on your device, you need specific types of tools to do it. Mockup generators can create scaled […]

5 Websites to Find Free Email Marketing Courses

A newbie to email marketing? Look no further, we present to you, 5 websites to find free email marketing courses. Email marketing is an essential and indispensable part of internet marketing. Without it, many sellers on the internet will be unable to reach their potential clients to market their products. When a company has gathered […]

6 Places to Sell Domains You No longer Use

Looking to sell domains? If you have a domain name you bought in the past but no longer use, and you wish to sell it off to another interested buyer, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will not beat around the bush but instead show you immediately, 6 awesome […]

Paypal Alternatives: 13 Websites For Receiving And Sending Money to Nigeria

Paypal is a payment platform that operates and manages online payments in many countries all over the world. The American company focuses on payments made online and makes a very good alternative to former and older methods of transferring money like checks, etc. Paypal was founded in December 1998 in California, United States and since […]

5 Photoshop Alternatives You Can Use On Your Browser

Photoshop is arguably one of the best photo editing software out there and it is used by a large number of people worldwide. But what if we told you that Photoshop has some wonderful alternatives that you can try out? We use photo editing tools for several reasons. Some people use photo editing apps for […]

5 Best Blogging Platforms For Developers

We compiled this post because, in our experience, there are blogging platforms that are really made for Devs. While some do not have any form of distraction and all those additional formating options you would find on a word processor, others are packed with options for a developer’s code. Here are 5 of the best […]

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