5 Websites For Tracking COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Before Travelling

5 Websites For Tracking COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Before Travelling
In 2020, the world changed a lot. Lots of things that we were able to do so freely in the past, prior to 2020 have now been restricted. COVID-19 is yet to have a cure yet but there are vaccines that have been released for public use. Scientists and medical professionals are working ceaselessly to find a permanent cure to the rapidly mutating virus.
We dare say that the travelling industry especially via air, is one of the economies that were hit the most by the effects of COVID-19 restrictions. Even till now, some countries are out of bound to citizens of other countries. Some particular countries are simply not safe to travel to right now. Some countries have a high incidence of COVID-19 cases than others. And because of the mode of transmission of COVID-19 and how fragile it is, it is best to steer clear of high-risk regions of the world to curb the spread of the disease.

5 Websites For Tracking COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Before Travelling

So, having said all these, people are definitely fed up of staying at home and working from home. People want to travel for different reasons whether for business purposes or personal reasons. How does the average person know which countries are restricted for travelling and how can one track the updates? Well, if this is your problem, thankfully this article provides some good answers to your questions. You can definitely track COVID-19 travel restrictions! It is totally possible. Thanks to technology and the creativity of web gurus. The 5 websites recommended below are perfect tools for you to plan your trips during this COVID-19 time.

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1. COVID Travel Planner by Headout

The Covid Travel Planner, created and managed by Headout, exists to help travellers find their next destination by helping them stay on top of the fluid patchwork of quarantine rules, health protocols, reopening status, and travel restrictions around the globe.

Created by the company Headout, this COVID travel planner is your best pal when it comes to tracking of travel restrictions. On their home page, you will be asked to select where you are travelling from and also where your destination is. Once you have chosen these, click enter. After that, you will be rewarded with up-to-date information about the country destination and its restrictions and how it affects you. You can also subscribe to their email notifications to get alerts in your email when there has been a change to the rules for the countries that you selected. You can also view in details, the travel restrictions of each country on their website, if you choose to read it. Countries are divided into the Partial Restrictions category, Complete Restrictions and No Restrictions. Information on this website/tool is updated on a daily basis.

2. COVID Controls

Covid Controls is a Covid-19 dashboard made specifically for travellers. It has everything you need to know before planning an international trip. It has been featured in WSJ, CNBC, Telegraph, CNET, Forbes and major publications in 5 different languages.

It is an amazing website that will aid you in tracking the countries with COVID-19 restrictions. Right there on their website, you can search for whichever country you want to investigate and instantly, search results will be readily displayed to you about latest COVID-19 updates for that particular country. They also give a total count of the number of countries that are open to tourists presently.


TripsGuard provides international travellers with updated COVID-19 travel restrictions about more than 80 countries worldwide – to plan their next trip safely.

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On TripsGuard, you can plan your travels with the information placed on the website. Simply enter information about where you are travelling to or the specific country you are travelling to and you will be informed if you can visit the place based on where you are travelling from and other factors. They also have a full list of countries open, partially opened and closed to tourists. For some particular US states, information is also provided.

4. Covid Entry Check

TruTrip has built this easy to use tool to enable you to check the permitted travel routes and entry requirements for your journey.

The basic work of this well-designed website is to tell you if you can travel or not. It decides for you based on where you are travelling from, and where your destination is. This website has been featured in The Washington Post, Mashable, TripZilla etc. The website helps you to identify the COVID-19 hot zones in the world and the safe green zones as well.

5. Your Departure

Your Departure provides personalised COVID travel alerts to help you plan confidently and getaway during this pandemic. We learn your preferences and provide travel information and deals that are relevant to you.

This website is another incredibly useful one that we must not leave out. It has COVID-19 latest information that allows you to plan effectively, it is entirely free to join and use, the website is personalized for inspiration to users.
5 Websites For Tracking COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Before Travelling
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