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Refer Businesses and Earn On Wallets Africa

Refer Businesses and Earn On Wallets Africa

You can now Refer businesses and Earn on Wallets Africa!

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“While this referral feature is open to both businesses and customers, you only get a bonus when you refer a new business. We’re working to ensure that this cuts round to the consumer product as well and once that happens we’ll let you know.

How to Refer Businesses and Earn On Wallets Africa

You can send this to your friends who run businesses startups and the likes and once they (the business) upload all their incorporation documents and makes their first deposit, you get your referral bonus of N500.

Now, it’s easier for you to get some loose cash from us while telling your friends about us.

How Does This Work?

It’s pretty easy.

  1. Log in to your mobile app
  2. Go to more and click on ‘referrals’
  3. There you’ll find your code which you can share with businesses to sign up.
  4. The business can sign up and add your code
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Once the business signs up and uploads their incorporation document as well as makes a deposit, you get your bonus. Simple and straight!

Here is my referral code by the way: walletmagoke73

Common Questions

Is there a limit on the number of businesses I can invite?

Nope. You can invite as much people as you can. The only underlying rule is that they have to upload their incorporation documents and make a deposit.

Who can I invite to use this product?

Our business product is a transacting solution for the modern-day entrepreneur. So anyone you know who runs a business is a good fit — whether they have a small or medium scale business, a startup or a large scale business.

I invited a business and I haven’t gotten my bonus. What happened?

The only situation where this happens is if the business hasn’t performed an action. When businesses sign up, they’re supposed to upload their incorporation document and make a deposit. In the unlikely case that either of this doesn’t happen, you don’t get a bonus.

Can I invite consumers?

Yes, you can. However, at the moment, you don’t get incentivized when you do that.

Refer Businesses and Earn On Wallets Africa
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