80+ Tech Trends From 2021 by Spacecadet

80+ Tech Trends From 2021 by Spacecadet

For some time now, Spacecadet has been sharing Tech Trends for every upcoming year and I found the one shared in 2019 interesting. While It might not have predicted every single trend, most of the predictions came to pass. So, I thought it would be nice to share the most recent one with you guys.

80+ Tech Trends From 2021 by Spacecadet

The Tech Trends from 2021 came out today, and It looks fascinating. Although, I found some things odd too. I mean, human IPO is becoming a thing? You can buy human shares. Well, hello High Blood Pressure.

Anyways, according to Daniel Eckler, Tech Trends from 2021 is your north star for what’s next. There are trends in AI, VR, 4D Printing, AI Warfare, Digital DNA, Fake News as a Service, Immortality, Splinternet, TikTok Takeover, Zoom Towns and many more.

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You can also get the PDF here

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80+ Tech Trends From 2021 by Spacecadet
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