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5 Places to Find Augmented and Virtual Reality Jobs

5 Places to Find Augmented and Virtual Reality Jobs
There is no doubt about one thing. This 21st century is the age where engineers, designers and programmers are never going to be out of job options. The tech industry is rapidly growing not only in the U.S.A but all over the world in general. We are witnessing major and outstanding improvements as well as innovations. This means that there are some types of jobs that exist now, that never existed just 50 – 100 years ago. Times have changed and the tech world is improving very fast.

5 Places to Find Augmented and Virtual Reality Jobs

If you are a software engineer that can code/build in virtual or augmented reality, then you should know you’re a hot cake. Companies, especially tech giants like Google, Apple, etc., are hiring people with these skills massively. If you are skilled in building these, there are places on the internet where jobs for AR/VR are posted. And we will be mentioning a number of those job boards here in this article, specifically five of them.
Facebook has been investing heavily in Virtual and Augmented Reality, and so is Apple and Google as well. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook shared his thoughts on AR and VR. He thinks that there will be a major AR breakthrough in the next decade. And we honestly agree with him. So, without further word mincing, let’s get to why you’re here. Below are 5 places where you can find augmented and virtual reality jobs on the World Wide Web.

Hire.Ar is a great place to find next-level augmented reality jobs on the internet. On Hire, you can discover new Augmented reality jobs, Virtual reality jobs, MR and XR jobs, all on their platform. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to get new job alerts in your preferred field. On, job placements for Software Developer, UX Designer, Optical engineer, Back-End developer, 3D artist, and other related jobs are all posted on the platform. Hire’s aim is to be a trusted source for Augmented reality jobs on the web.

Officially called Remote, this website is a great option for finding Virtual Reality jobs. On Remote, you can post a job or get hired for a job in Virtual Reality. Job posts looking for 3D developers, game developers, software engineers, Network programmer, etc., are all abound on Remote. You can also subscribe to get email notifications of new job alerts.

Upwork Vr

Upwork VR development jobs are also great places to start for finding VR or AR jobs. Upwork VR is trusted by big tech companies like Microsoft, Airbnb, and others. You can also browse jobs based on most relevant, or newest jobs posted. Upwork is a very popular freelancing platform where skilled people can apply for jobs and work remotely wherever they are in the world. Whether you are a game developer, VR developer, 3D Unity developer or a videographer, you will find jobs posted to fit your passion for Virtual and Augmented reality.


Glassdoor is a job board website where you can search for VR developer jobs and apply for them. You can filter your search for a particular job you are looking to apply for, or even create alerts for when new jobs are posted for your job interest. On Glassdoor, new job positions are posted for roles like UX developers, Web developer, Mobile Developer, Python developer, Full stack developer, etc. All these are in the VR and AR field and you can apply for them if you have the skills on Glassdoor.


Indeed is a great job board for you as a skilled tech person. They usually have VR and AR jobs posted regularly on the job platform and you can subscribe to get new job alerts in the Virtual and Augmented Reality jobs. All you need is an Indeed profile and you can start browsing available jobs in the industry.



Oculus believes that Virtual Reality will change the world in a big way. The Oculus team is associated with Facebook and they regularly add new members to their team to increase the potential of VR in the Universe. They have jobs in VR on the Oculus website that range from Research to Design and User Experience to Software Engineering to Social VR and so on.
5 Places to Find Augmented and Virtual Reality Jobs
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