5 Photoshop Alternatives You Can Use On Your Browser

5 Photoshop Alternatives You Can Use On Your Browser

Photoshop is arguably one of the best photo editing software out there and it is used by a large number of people worldwide. But what if we told you that Photoshop has some wonderful alternatives that you can try out?

We use photo editing tools for several reasons. Some people use photo editing apps for graphic editing, to produce digital art, retouching, website mockups, effects and more.

Adobe Photoshop was first released by Adobe Inc., in the year 1990 and since then, the popularity of the software only continues to rise. The software is available in 26 languages and was developed through collaborative efforts between Microsft, Adobe and Thomas and John Knoll. But you are not here because you want to hear us rant about Adobe, are you? Definitely not. Let’s look at some brilliant alternatives to Adobe that you can start using for your photo editing projects from today, shall we?


Photopea is a very good alternative to Photoshop that we highly recommend. Their app is available for Android devices and the website is even richer. Photopea is online software that allows you to edit photographs and images right from whichever smart device you’re using. You can add texts, crop and resize pictures, apply filters and effects and do many more photo editing activities on the Photopea platform. Photopea has been downloaded up to 100,000 times on Google Playstore for example. You can download your photo edit in a final product in many formats including PNG, JPG, SVG, GIF, or even PDF. The app also has free courses to put you through and help you make your best photo editing product.

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Kapwing is the perfect tool to employ for any digital content that you wish to create. You can create and edit images, videos, and even GIFs on the platform. You can visit their webpage now to start editing or simply create a workspace and start working. They have the Studio tool where you can effectively edit your works with all you could ever need, you can use the subtitle tool to add subtitles to your content, the resizer tool, trimmer tool, add audio tool, etc. are all cool tools that you could take advantage of on Kapwing.

For logged-in users, your workspace is perfectly secured and you can work from any device and all your work is backed up. Cool right? This is a very great alternative to Photoshop you could do well to try out. Schools, students, content producers and their teams and more people will find the Kapwing resource very useful.


Edite offers you a simpler alternative to Photoshop according to their website. The platform claims to have simple tools that will be incredibly useful to you and make lots of difference. You can crop or resize your photo project, add texts, edit the photo’s colours, shape, gradient, and more. The platform also has keyboard shortcuts that you can take advantage of to make your editing process much faster. Edite has a trial period for users that are just starting out, later on, you can pay a token to use their platform in the Pro version.

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LunaPic is another platform that allows you to edit your pictures and add amazing effects to it. Once you are done editing, you can save to your device or share to Facebook, and other supported social media platforms. Once you upload your picture file, you can draw, add borders, adjust, filter and animate to your taste. Everything is done right on their website. You can also switch to the Desktop site version of their web page to get a full view of the tools available to you as you work.


Pixlr is available in mobile web editor format and in desktop edition. You don’t need to install any application on your mobile. Everything you need to do can be done right there in the web browser. You can edit and touch-up all your images with ease right from your mobile device. How convenient! Also, they have the Pixlr AI, which helps to remove background from photos in a matter of seconds.


In conclusion, while these tools might not edit photos flawlessly like Adobe Photoshop, they are pretty great. They are capable of doing most of the things Photoshop does. They are pretty neat Photoshop alternatives that you should try out.

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5 Photoshop Alternatives You Can Use On Your Browser
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