No Download Required: 7 Free Screen Recorders You Can Run With Your Browser

No Download Required 6 Free Screen Recorders You Can Run With Your Browser

Screen recorders allow anyone to record their Computers and mobile phones, depending on the screen recorder you’re using. These screen recorders allow you to share a part of your Computer or screen with anyone by saving your recording in video format.

The difference between a Screenshot and a Screen Recording

A screenshot can only capture images of the computer screen. The main objective is to record what is on the screen in form of a video so that, viewers can view all the elements on the screen recording. Screenshots are limited in what they can capture since they are just images. But screen recorders are able to capture videos and these videos are almost limitless in terms of the number of elements on the computer screen that they can capture.

In this article, we will look at 6 awesome screen recorders that you can grab from the internet today, and use them right from your browser. You won’t need to download these screen recorders that we recommend below. There’s no need to eat up space on your device. You can use these screen recorders straight from your browsers. With these tools, you can start recording your computer screens and sharing the recordings to co-workers, friends or for your own personal use.

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Keevi is a screen recording tool that can be used on either Windows desktop or Mac OS. Depending on the device you use. Do you want to capture the whole screen or only a section of the screen? Keevi promises to do this effortlessly for anyone. How does Keevi even work, how do you use it? With your Computer or Macbook, go to Keevi’s home page, pick a layout that suits the purpose of your screen capture and start recording.

Keevi allows you to capture your screen, audio and webcam as well if you would like to appear on the screen recording. It also has an option to share your video on social media after recording.

Veed is an awesome screen recording tool that allows you to create stunning videos for customers, co-workers, family and friends. With Veed, you can also add subtitles to videos that you have created, add progress bars to videos, draw on a video, filter video and do lots more. All with their awesome video editing tool! Veed is truly an all-in-one creative toolbox that has all you could ever need to edit those creative videos that you have spent time creating and shooting.


It’s a modern and minimal Progressive Web App. 100% Free. Private. No Watermarks. No Ads. No Recording Limits.

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The app is accessible on your desktop browser and can be used directly from the browser without needing to download it. You will need to select a particular screen to start recording. You can also choose to activate the “record audio option”. Or simply deactivate it, if you don’t wish to speak in the recording.

Kap for MacOs

This is an open-source web browser screen recorder that was created exclusively for MacOS users. The tool requires an operating system of MacOS 10.12 and above in order to be able to use it. Programmers can contribute to the source code on GitHub which is why it is open-sourced. You are also able to export your screen recordings in many formats.


Scrnrcrd is a great tool that allows you to record your desktop screen right from any desktop browser. There is absolutely no need to install this tool before you can use it. It is used right from your browser. It also does not have annoying watermarks, restrictions or baggage. Right from their website, you can start your screen recording. Simple and productive.

Screenity for Chrome

This is an incredibly useful desktop extension that was exclusively built for the Google Chrome web browser. You can screen record any tabs or screens from your Chrome browser with this handy tool. The extension is highly rated and has been used by up to 200,000 users. The extension runs offline and it helps you to flawlessly capture, edit, annotate and do more on Chrome.

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RecordCast is a new & free online screen recorder that helps you easily record your screen and Webcam as well. It is completely free and you don’t have to download anything to use it. You can capture your whole screen, application windows, or browser tab as you need. They have options for you to review your screen recording and add text, music, widgets, and transitions to enhance it. Then you can download your screen recording or screencast when done.


These 7 tools are really good options to pick from for browser-based screen recorders to use on your desktop. We stated the particular tools that need an exclusive Mac desktop and those tools that welcome both Windows and MacOS computers. So, feel free to pick anyone and start recording.

No Download Required: 7 Free Screen Recorders You Can Run With Your Browser
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