10 Free Mockup Generators You Can Use Right Now

10 Free Mockup Generators You Can Use Right Now

Need free mockup generators? Step into the spotlight!

Mockup generators help to create prototypes of your UI or UX design for you to share with others or use for future purposes. When trying to create a design mockup on your device, you need specific types of tools to do it. Mockup generators can create scaled models of your design on any smart device that you use. Mockup generators create really nice mockup templates for you and could be used either in-browser or in apps. Mockup generators are very handy when trying to create high-resolution screenshots of your mockup design.

10 Free Mockup Generators You Can Use Right Now

In this article, we will be looking at 10 free mockup generators that you can use to generate those amazing prototypes for your design and save them simultaneously whether on your desktop, smartphone, or wherever. Let’s have a look.

Mock Magic

Mock Magic allows you to choose different kinds of devices that you will like your mockup to have while you create them. You could use the iPhone 12 Pro phone frame, iPhone 11, Apple iPad, Samsung, Huawei and more. You can also choose the colour that the device will come in whether silver colour, gold-framed, pacific blue, graphite etc. All you have to do is to select your preformed design from your phone file storage, upload it and then Mock Magic will work its magic on your design and transform it into a mockup. Then you can download the end result.

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Mockup Bro

Create product mockups with this online mockup generator. Just choose a mockup, upload your design and download your image without a watermark. You can create mockups of bags, CDs, Vans, Phones, Laptops and many more.


MockuPhone is a very simple screenshot mockup generator that allows you to generate very simple device mockups right from whichever device you have or use. All you need to do is to upload your screenshot or photo into a mobile frame. You can choose the iPhone 12 phone frame, Google Pixel frame, laptop frames, tablets, and other phone design frames. The MockuPhone online mockup generating tool is developed by the company Oursky.

Applaunchpad Mockup Generator

Applaunchpad lets you create high-quality mockup product designs in a few clicks. The platform is free to use and you can choose from a variety of device resolutions to work with. There are various templates to work with, depending on your taste and preference. The rest is pretty easy from thereon. It’s one of the free mockup generators that do not really require explanation because the platform is clean and detailed.


Dimmy.club is a classic device mockup generator for those screenshots that you want to use on Social media or basically anywhere else. Whether you want an Apple MacBook Pro 2016 system’s frame for your design, or you want a real desktop frame. Whichever frame it is that you want your design wrapped in, Dimmy.club has it.

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Did you know that if you wanted to capture a particular website’s design and save it within a device frame, you can do it smoothly and very easily using ScreenPeek? ScreenPeek allows you to simply enter the website URL in a search box on their website tool and a high quality mockup of the website will be generated in minutes.

Device Shots

Device Shots helps you to create device mockups in just few seconds in high resolutions that you would love. Whether it is the screenshot of your personal website, a mobile application or any other products. These can all be created for free. All you have to do is to select a device, insert a screenshot, select the social media platform you want to share to and Device Shots will automatically resize the picture to the social media platform’s aspect ratio.

Marvel App

First of all, you should know that Marvel Marvel is not just one of those free mockup generators out there. It is richer and a bit more technical than the tools listed here. It is a very solid Prototyping too for design teams and you can achieve a lot with it. Marvel app allows you to rapidly prototype and test different designs as you create them. Marvel also transforms the way digital products are designed and makes the whole work easier on design teams.

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Threed 3D Mockups

With threed.io‘s tool, you can upload designs, adjust the canvas settings, and then, when you are done, you can download the resulting mockup from the Threed tool into your device. It’s so easy to understand, don’t worry.


Qurb is a web-based mockup generator that can be used for free. On the web page, you can see the “select device” option and then subsequently add screenshots. Once you are done, you are to save the mockup you have successfully created.

Morflax Qlo

Qlo is entirely different from all the previous recommendations above. Qlo allows you to create wonderful digital avatars on their platform. Also, Qlo claims to be the first 3D clothing builder on the internet.


In conclusion, these 10 free mockup generators are absolutely useful to product designers on whichever device they choose to work with, anytime, any day.

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10 Free Mockup Generators You Can Use Right Now
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