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9 Platforms That Let You Convert Airtime To Cash

6 Platforms That Let You Convert Airtime To Cash

It was almost impossible to convert airtime to cash a few years ago. At the time, a lot of businesses and consumers with a huge amount of airtime on their phones had to sell directly to friends or family who needed airtime for calls or data subscription.

It’s different now.

In this post, I will be listing 6 platforms that would buy your airtime whenever you over-recharge or just feel like selling the airtime on your phone.

Let’s get to it.

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Eazymobile is no. 1 on our list because it has more features than most of the other platforms on this list. With Eazymobile, you can Buy and Sell Bitcoin, Buy Airtime and data, update your electricity bill, pay for your TV subscription and of course, convert your airtime to cash in no time. For the airtime conversion part, It’d only take 5 steps to sell your airtime with them instantly. Click here to go to their homepage and click on View Process to see the steps.

Another exciting thing about Eazymobile is that their airtime conversion rates vary based on market rates so you don’t have to worry about getting charged too much money. That’s not all, you can also send Bulk SMS from Eazymobile and everything happens from your neatly designed dashboard. Their Customer Support is available on Instagram, Facebook and Telegram.

Eazymobile’s office is at Shop 15, Off Alabata Road, Funaab Abeokuta
Phone: +2349021666608 | Click here to visit their website


OG DAMS offer the best deals in Internet data subscriptions, airtime to cash conversion, Airtime top up (VTU), CableTV (DStv, GOtv & Startimes), Electricity Bill Payment etc. One of the things I like about OG DAMS is how their homepage and FAQ page is built. They have made it easy for you to understand the platform and how to use it. In fact, you don’t even need to finish reading this post. Just click here to check out their FAQ page and see how easy it is to sell your airtime. If you would like to register for free right now, click here instead.

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The platform is also said to be 100% automated. So, you don’t have to wait many days to get credited when you want to sell your airtime or buy data. Still in doubt? They have a Telegram contact you can reach out to if you have any questions or need to make clarifications. You can also contact them on this number: 09066685702


Modelc converts airtime to cash and the platform also has options for bill and utility payment. You can also sell and buy bitcoins on the website and app. If you’re worried about reliability, they have been in the market for quite some time and they’re very accessible, in case you need someone to talk to while carrying out transactions. They have a live chat function on their platform with options to contact them on messenger, Telegram, Instagram and of course, a phone call – +234 (0) 813 7540 652

One of the exciting things about the Modelc is the fact that you can earn as much as ₦5750, just by referring 1 person to the platform. This is the highest affiliate earning out there right now and you should take this opportunity to benefit from it. Click here to join the affiliate program.

That’s not all. They also have an Android app on Google Playstore. You can click here to install it or simply search for Modelc on Google Playstore.


Aimtoget Is an airtime processing platform that allows you to convert airtime to instant cash. This platform is becoming the go-to platform to convert airtime to cash. I say this because they have a business address, phone number and some reviews by users who seem to have used it. Aimtoget converts your airtime to cash and would pay you 80% cash after conversion.

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You can also buy airtime, data bundles, pay bills, send and receive money through the platform. Aimtoget also makes it easy for businesses to accept payments in the form of airtime on their websites.

Aimtoget has an app on Playstore. Don’t forget to check out the app and the reviews about it.


For an airtime conversion app, airtimeflip has one of the highest ratings on Playstore – 4.1. AirtimeFlip makes it possible for you to convert airtime to money deposited into your bank account. It boasts as one of the fastest airtime converters in Nigeria with 99% automated transaction.

They charge 19% fee on each MTN airtime transaction. So they will send ₦ 810 into your bank account if you convert ₦ 1000 airtime (19%), and so on. You check their Charges page to see a complete list of their charges. Please click here to learn more about airtimeflip.


Zoranga is a Nigerian mobile money service that converts airtime to cash. Zoranga caters for merchants (businesses) apart from catering for individuals. This means your business can accept airtime payments with Zoranga. You can also accept donations in airtime form if you’re a charity organisation. Please visit to learn more about the platform.
They have an app on Google Playstore. Don’t forget to read the reviews.


Airtimedatahub allows you to convert airtime of all networks to cash within a few minutes. They credit customers’ bank account within 5 to 15 minutes of the request submission, according to their website.
They charge 20% on Mtn and Airtel airtime, 25% on 9mobile and 35% on Glo.

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You can give them a shot by visiting:
Be sure to check out reviews of the product on Playstore or elsewhere before using them.


Cheetahpay has two options: You can convert your airtime balance to cash or convert airtime pin to cash if you have physical recharge cards for sale. What I love about the platform is how detailed their FAQ on how to convert airtime to cash is. You can check it out by clicking here.

Cheetahpay has an app on Playstore with mixed reviews. Click here to read them or install the app.



iPayAirtime makes it possible for you to convert airtime to cash and pay for things online with airtime. They do not charge a registration fee but only a 18% deposit fee on MTN airtime. This is the cheapest offer available online at the moment, according to them. They also have API and support for businesses, so you can accept payments in the form of airtime with iPayAirtime on your website.
They don’t have an app at the moment. You can read all about iPayAirtime by clicking here.

You can convert airtime to cash online in Nigeria with They payout either via your wallet or via your bank account when you sell airtime to them. They convert MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile and pay you 80% while they take a 20% cut.

That’s all for now. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this post. Did I leave any platform (that converts airtime to cash) out? Please let me know below.

9 Platforms That Let You Convert Airtime To Cash
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