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Year: 2019

Get Udemy Courses With Certificates for Free

I made a tweet about how to get Udemy courses to your email daily for free awhile back and I realized a lot of people missed it. I don’t have so many twitter followers anyways. How does this work? There is a platform that would send you Udemy courses daily with free coupons to get […]

Kuda Bank Vs Rubies Bank: Which Should You be Using and Why?

I wrote a comparison post between Piggyvest and Alat a year go. Then a few months later, Rubies Bank and Kudabank emerged. We will be looking at Kudabank and Rubies bank in this post, which you should use and why? We would be looking at Onboarding, Usability and the key features you would need in […]

How not to get Scammed on Instagram

How not to get Scammed on Instagram by debbietiyan Some of us have been there –well, I have, and I can straight up tell you, it hurts like a whip to lose money to unscrupulous dealers. For those who haven’t, I have grouped three stages post scam which victims can definitely relate to. First is […]

Fixing Nokia 6.1 Plus Charging Port Issue

This is an article about how to fix your Nokia 6.1 Plus Charging Port Issue if you’re experiencing the same problem like over 90% of the users who use the phone. My Nokia 6.1’s charging port suddenly became really loose awhile back. I was really confused. So I got a new charger and the same […]

USSD Codes for Loans in Nigeria (2022)

There are apps for almost everything these days except apps that can generate fast foods and apps that show you USSD codes for loans in Nigeria. Anyways, You have me. Please note that you must have a bank account linked to your mobile telephone number to perform a USSD transaction. So, you might not get […]

How to Create an Alternate Email For Your Gmail Account

In theory, you cannot change your Gmail address. Google does not allow this, probably because your email address is tied to other Google products out there but you can create an alternate email for your Gmail account or just create a new Gmail account? I will be teaching you the former. Before we proceed, do […]

How to Download Your Udemy Courses for Offline Study

I have taken all kinds of courses on Udemy. From SEO training on how to rank 1st on Google to Stock Market Investing for Beginners. On average, I take 2 courses a week – a personal decision I had to make because I stopped reading as much as I used to. How am I able […]

9 Platforms That Let You Convert Airtime To Cash

It was almost impossible to convert airtime to cash a few years ago. At the time, a lot of businesses and consumers with a huge amount of airtime on their phones had to sell directly to friends or family who needed airtime for calls or data subscription. It’s different now. In this post, I will […]

How to Make Money From PalmPay App

I recently signed up on Palmpay with an invitation code and I earned 500 points. The thought of trying out another app that lets you save, loan or earn money tires me these days, to be honest. But these incentives and offers get my attention. We will be talking about Palmpay App and how to […]

Camtoplan vs Google Measure: Which is Better?

Google Measure and Camtoplan are augmented reality applications for mobile devices that can be used to measure all sorts of objects in the real world with your phone. I have been using Google Measure for months now. 4/5 months, I’m not sure anymore. Then I recently discovered a similar app called Camtoplan through an ad […]

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