Kuda Bank Vs Rubies Bank: Which Should You be Using and Why?

kuda bank vs rubies bank

I wrote a comparison post between Piggyvest and Alat a year go. Then a few months later, Rubies Bank and Kudabank emerged. We will be looking at Kudabank and Rubies bank in this post, which you should use and why?

We would be looking at Onboarding, Usability and the key features you would need in a banking app.

Let’s get started.

Overview (About Both Platforms)

Kudabank looks like a work in progress. I say this because I was one of the first beta testers earlier this year. Rubies, on the other hand, looks like all the major features of the product have been rolled out. Rubies also has some cool reviews on Google “My business” – 4.8 rating with 25 reviews. It’s surprising because it looks like no one is dissatisfied with the product or company.

They are also both registered banks. KudaBank was initially called Kudimoney but it rebranded in 2019 and obtained CBN banking license. Rubies is the digital banking platform of Highstreet Microfinance Bank. Highstreet is a licenced Microfinance Bank in Nigeria. Rubies offer 100% digital, zero-fee banking and offer support for young professionals, artisans, SMEs, businesses, communities and groups, and FINTECHs.


Rubies let you choose your account number during registration. You can literally pick a 10 digit number as your account number. The registration process would take 2 minutes or thereabout. Also, you are not required to enter your BVN during registration. You can do that later when you want to upgrade your account.

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KudaBank’s registration takes 4 minutes or thereabout, you’ll be asked for your number, email, state and even street name. Your BVN is requested on the registration page but you are not required to fill it during registration. You can skip it.

Rubies Bank wins this round


This part happens when you need to carry out heavy transactions or use other “extra” features on both platforms. It’s a government rule. You have to add a government-issued ID and your BVN to remove limits from your account.

KudaBank requests your BVN, any government-issued ID Card and the ID Number.
Rubies Bank requests your basic details, any government-issued ID, Utility bill and Signature.

KudaBank wins this round.


I had mentioned Rubies Bank looks like all its features have been completed. This is a good thing but the too many features are uncategorized so “pay bills” has airtime, Mobile data etc in it. Then there is another “Airtime” feature, “Data” feature somewhere in the app and you have to swipe twice to get to them. It also took a minute to find the “Change Password” and “Upgrade Account” features. You won’t find them when you go to “Profile”.

KudaBank is categorized. Payments like transfers, Airtime and bill payment are under “Payments”, FAQs, Security, Profile and other things are in “More”. Makes them easy to find.

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KudaBank wins this round, easily.

Key Features

Let’s start with KudaBank. You can send and receive money, initiate cardless withdrawals, pay bills, create budgets, block a card, transfer to other banks for free 25 times per month, invite your friends and earn more, generate account statements and chat with the support team… all within the app alone. For security reasons, the app does not let you take screenshots.

Rubies Bank is Loaded. You can receive and send money for N21. Request money from anyone, Buy airtime and data, pay bills, generate account statement, independent banker (create bank accounts for customers by inviting them and you earn when they carry out a transaction), API support for FINTECHs and SMEs. It also has a Money Market where you can buy treasury bills, invest and give and request loans.

Who wins this part for you?


They are both great products, obviously, but Kuda bank feels more flexible with it it’s interface and features. Rubies is packed. I could go on about its additional features and we’ll sleep here today. If you’re looking for something light then try Kuda Bank. If you’re looking for a banking app that would let you manage other accounts, create invoices, request money and more then give Rubies bank a shot.

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Kuda Bank Vs Rubies Bank: Which Should You be Using and Why?
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