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You Can Now Make Money From KudaBank

In my last post, I talked about Kudabank and why everyone is jumping on board to rock the platform after it rebranded from Kudi Money and now has CBN license to operate as an actual bank – It’s a bank, without a physical banking hall but they have an office. Where is KudaBank’s Office? 151 […]

Why Everyone is Excited About KudaBank

Kuda recently launched it’s highly anticipated App, the KudaBank app for Android and iOS devices. Guess who tested the app on his Android phone and also gave feedback to the team? What is KudaBank? KudaBank was originally known as Kudimoney, a Nigerian fintech company focused on loans, like Paylater. They rebranded in June 2019 after […]

Why You Can’t Take Screenshots In Some Android Apps

Real quick, I would like to explain why you can’t take screenshots in some Android Apps. This is a quick post: You can’t take screenshots while using some Android Apps because the developers (of the app) built in an optional Android security feature called FLAG_SECURE which blocks screenshots and screen recordings. – KudaBank’s Android app […]

Camtoplan vs Google Measure: Which is Better?

Google Measure and Camtoplan are augmented reality applications for mobile devices that can be used to measure all sorts of objects in the real world with your phone. I have been using Google Measure for months now. 4/5 months, I’m not sure anymore. Then I recently discovered a similar app called Camtoplan through an ad […]

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