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Camtoplan vs Google Measure: Which is Better?

Camtoplan vs Google Measure

Google Measure and Camtoplan are augmented reality applications for mobile devices that can be used to measure all sorts of objects in the real world with your phone.

I have been using Google Measure for months now. 4/5 months, I’m not sure anymore. Then I recently discovered a similar app called Camtoplan through an ad on Instagram. So I thought It would be cool to talk about both apps and figure out which is better and why. Here goes:

Which Measures better?

They both ask you to move your phone around slowly when you’re about to measure your surrounding but Camtoplan requires you to upgrade to premium to be able to measure vertically. The free version of Camtoplan only measures horizontally and it does it very well but it’s very limiting because you can only measure horizontally. So, for this round, I would say Google Measure measures better because you don’t have to pay a dime to measure objects in your surrounding both vertically and horizontally.


Camtoplan is riddled with ads but there are no ads in Google Measure.

History and Accessibility

Camtoplan does this better. It saves your past measurements in a folder. You can access these measurements when you launch the app. It also saves your measurements in floor plan layouts – Cam to Plan, go figure.

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Google Measure would exit the app before you can save a measurement and would also exit when you want to access your gallery for previous measurements.

What I do after the measurement is take a screenshot of my screen to save that measurement. That’s on Google Measure. Camtoplan does not let you take screenshots. Everything happens within the app. Reminds me of Kudabank, ugh!


Google Measure is free and might remain free (like most apps by Google)
Camtoplan offers 7 days free trial and ₦10,000 ($27) for a yearly subscription. The premium plan unlocks vertical and expert mode, allows you export to .png and dxf, and also stops ads from popping up every now and then.

Extra Features

Camtoplan has a cool 2D/3D feature that lets you preview your measurements in both 2D and 3D.

Google Measure does not have any extra features apart from the fact that it lets you measure in inches & feet, metres & centimetres like Camtoplan.


We have reached the end of the article and I would like you to be the judge here. Which of these apps do you prefer and why?

Know a similar app? Please leave them in the comments below.

Camtoplan vs Google Measure: Which is Better?
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