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How to Make Money From PalmPay App

How to Make Money From PalmPay App

I recently signed up on Palmpay with an invitation code and I earned 500 points. The thought of trying out another app that lets you save, loan or earn money tires me these days, to be honest. But these incentives and offers get my attention. We will be talking about Palmpay App and how to earn from it.

What is PalmPay App?

PalmPay is an app that rewards you for every transaction you carry out on the platform. When I say transaction, I mean receiving money, paying your utility bill, buying airtime and everything else you can do with the app. The rewards you earn are called PalmPoints and you can use them to discount subsequent transactions.

Palmpay is almost like other fintech platforms such as OPay, KudaBank etc – They help you save, transfer, borrow and pay for utilities.

Why Is Everyone Talking about PalmPay?

Because they recently raised $40 Million to become Africa’s largest financial services platform.

Another reason for the buzz is that you get rewarded when you are referred, refer, buy data, transfer money or simply pay for things through the app. There seems to be a reward for everything you do on the Palmpay app.

Is PalmPay Free?

Yes. It’s free to install the app, sign up etc. You can transfer money to other PalmPay wallets for free and transfer to bank accounts for just ₦10.

Can I take Loans with Palmpay?

No. Not at the moment. The feature doesn’t exist on the app at the moment but I have a feeling they are working on this.

How to Make (and save) Money From Palmpay App?

PalmForce: The first and best option to make money while using Palmpay app is to join their PalmForce program. It’s free. Click here to learn about it and register

Bonus on Airtime: You get a 10% bonus in the form of PalmPoints when you buy airtime. Use your PalmPoints and save up to 50% on future and airtime and biller purchases.

Bonus on Bill Payment: You get a 5% bonus in the form of PalmPoints when you pay for a bill through Palpoints.  These bills include your water, cable or electricity bills.

How to Make Money From PalmPay App

Bonus on Top Ups: You earn 100 naira (100 PalmPoints) bonus when you top up your Palmpay wallet with 1000 naira. This bonus is given once a week.

Invite and Earn: You would earn ₦300 each time someone signs up on PalmPay with your referrer code and they carry out their first transaction. Your friends will also benefit. They would get 75 points after registering with your referral code and another 75 points after they carry out a transaction.

How to Invite Friends to Earn on PalmPay

Go to your Menu, you would see Transaction history, Profile, Contacts and more.
Click on Invitation to see your invitation code in form QR code, URL and code.

You can share your invitation code with friends and family. You will both earn points when they register with your code or through your link.

You can click here to register or use my code F4IK17

How to Make Money From PalmPay App
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