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PalmForce: Get Paid While Using PalmPay App

PalmForce: Get Paid While Using PalmPay App

So I talked about the different ways to make money on PalmPay app a few months ago. Everything in that post still works. And here is another sure way to get paid while using the PalmPay App on your Android or iPhone. This option/Feature is called PalmForce

What is PalmForce?

PalmForce is PalmPay’s Super Referral program for everyone. It is basically PalmPay’s rewards programme for customers who invite others to the platform on a regular basis. You earn rewards for inviting new customers and cashback on your transactions!
1. Earn N200 cash for each friend you invite
2. Earn cash back on the transactions of people you invite
3. The more you refer and the more of your downlines are active each month, the more you earn.

How do I Join PalmForce?

First, you have to register. It is free. Use this Invitation code: F4IK17
After you have registered on Palmpay, click on the menu bar which is at the top left corner of the app
Select Invitation
Click on the Join Palmforce button to apply.

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Is it free to Join PalmForce?

Yes. Yup. Yasssss!

How Much Can I Make as a PalmForce Member?

Reward is calculated based on your Level (Gold, Silver, Bronze), the number of referrals you have complete and the activity of your base within a certain month. Within the PalmForce section of the app, you’ll be able to monitor the reward which you have earned and the amount which has been settled.

How Can I talk to PalmPay Just In Case?

Please contact their customer care team via the Live Chat on the app, Call (0170 0570 0) or e-mail (

I have started earning from the PalmForce program and I am sure you can too. I would also suggest joining the PalmForce group on Facebook to learn more. You can do so by clicking here

PalmForce: Get Paid While Using PalmPay App
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