How to Earn your first 100k on PiggyBank

How do piggyBank users make as much as 100k in a short time while saving 1k every weekend? PiggyBank is not a Scam. They were selected for Google Launchpad Africa last year with Baby Migo, Thrive Agric, OkadaBooks and more I am taking you by the hand to show you how to earn and save […]

Nicklas Hallen and I Discussed OkadaBooks and Digital Publishing in Nigeria

I was in an interview with Nicklas Hallen a few months ago. It’s out now on ESA – Volume 61, Issue 2 Manoeuvring Through the Traffic Jam: A Conversation With Magnus Okeke About OkadaBooks and Digital Publishing in Nigeria. You can read it here This work was supported by The Swedish Research Council

How to Sign Up on Flutterwave’s Barter

So we shouldn’t be talking about this, right? I mean there are other Important things out there to blog about but while you’re at it, remember there is no way to sign up on Flutterwave’s Barter a the moment. They completely removed the Sign-Up button on their website. So how was I able to use it? […]

You Should Read This If You Use PiggyBankNG

If you have been reading my blog before now you would know that I am a big fan of PiggyBankNG. They are my go-to platform for controlling how much I spend and save. I have been using PiggyBank for 2 years and the experience has been great. I discovered something awhile back. Something that might […]

Why My Mother Fights Soldiers

My Mother sells food on the way to the Barracks, 9 years now. Whenever Soldiers aren’t coming to the restaurant they’ll be leaving. Some tall, some short. They all have one thing in common: They never know what they want to eat. Oh yeah, and they are ugly. So that’s two things They walk in […]

Artistes never get nervous, probably

When an artiste is about to go on stage you’ll hear the fans screaming and waiting for the artiste to come on stage and sing hit songs. The songs the audience already know. Everybody starts jeering and cheering as soon as the artiste hit the stage. The artiste, now loaded with excitement starts singing and […]

Every Intern or Newbie Deserves This

If you are really interested in and passionate about hiring a novice or an intern who will learn and grow on the Job then you should pay for their internet connection. We both know newbies (or amateurs) don’t get paid as much as those who are experienced or have been on the Job for a […]

These Platforms Let You Collect Loans With Your Phone Number

Sometimes friends don’t come through and we don’t have a choice. So here are two platforms (and more) that let you collect loans with just your phone number. This post was inspired by Paylater because they did not lend me money when I was stranded in the middle of nowhere – even after going through all […]

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