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How to Turn Your Instagram Profile into a Website in Seconds

Turn Instagram Profile to Website iammagnus

Are you a creator? Have you been wishing there was a way to tell everyone you own a website or portfolio but you don’t want to give them your Instagram profile link? Right. I recently discovered a web app that lets you turn your Instagram profile into a website in seconds. This web app is called Zine.

What is Zine? takes the stress of worrying about how and when you would update your website by helping you turn your Instagram profile or feed into a website. So whenever you post on Instagram it gets updated. You can magically turn your profile into a website by visiting and login with Instagram.

Will it affect my Instagram?

No. It will not. Connecting Zine to your Instagram is basically like connecting your Instagram to your Facebook account.

Is Zine Free?

Yes, to a huge extent – You can customize fonts, layouts and even add your own logo for free but your URL will look like this ->
If you would like to connect your own custom domain (like you would have to pay $7 monthly. Basically, the pro version of zine costs $7 per month.

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Can Zine Work for Business Accounts?

Yes. My Instagram account is a business account and it works great. Here is my Zine Profile

Honourable Mentions (Milkshake)

There is an app called Milkshake. It turns your link in bio into an insta website. Instead of the usual link to other pages or websites that provides, Milkshake gives you a more customizable interface that allows you to create a mini-site for your Instagram.

You should try Milkshake if you need a website but don’t have all that time, knowledge and patience to create one. Milkshake is free.

That’s it on how to turn your Instagram profile into a website. Do you know any other tool or tools that do this? Please leave them in the comments below and I will check them out and feature them as well

How to Turn Your Instagram Profile into a Website in Seconds
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