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How to Create a Free Dollar Card With Gomoney

How to Create a Free Dollar Card With Gomoney

I’m not sure when they launched but I discovered Gomoney when I was looking for Nigerian banking apps that would let me generate Dollar cards for free. This is not a sponsored post by the way.

Some of my guys use Gomoney because they can easily generate dollar Mastercards with it and I hear their rates are decent. But that’s not all there is to the app.

What is Gomoney?

Gomoney is a banking app that lets you save, send money, receive money and pay your bills. It’s similar to other banking apps you might know. To me, it’s a mix of Barter App and KudaBank because you can also generate dollar cards, send money to your contacts and pay your bills with it.

Is Gomoney Free?

Yes, it is. You can sign up for free and start saving or paying your bills with it almost immediately. The app is available on Google Playstore and iOS Appstore for iPhones.

How to Create a Free Dollar Card With Gomoney

The cards! You can create a Virtual Card for online payments and subscriptions to merchants like Netflix, Apple, Uber etc. You can also create a Physical Card that would be shipped to your location. You can create a free dollar card with gomoney by swiping left on the homepage after you have signed up.

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You get to create a free card when you join the platform! Here is what Gomoney had to say about their cards.

Every user is entitled to one free virtual card: This means that the first card you create on your gomoney account will be FREE, but subsequent cards will cost N850.
Maximum of 3 cards per month: Every gomoney user can now generate a maximum of 3 virtual cards every month. Virtual cards are also limited to an international spending limit of $100 per month, regardless of how many cards you generate.
Tier 3 account for virtual cards: Originally, gomoney users with a Tier 2 account could generate a card. But, at the moment, CBN only allows Tier 3 customers to carry out online transactions. Since you can only use virtual cards online, we updated our card creation requirements to ensure that every virtual card can be used once it is created. Now, gomoney customers need to upgrade to a Tier 3 account to be eligible for a virtual card.

Can you use Gomoney without BVN?

No. You’d have to enter your BVN for verification. This is required at some point and Gomoney is not the only platform enforcing this. I think it’s a requirement on every fintech app these days. If you don’t enter your BVN at first then you would be required to upgrade (with BVN) later.

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Is Gomoney Safe?

Gomoney is in compliance with all of the CBN’s guidelines and all deposits are insured by the National Deposit Insurance Corporation. For added security, they’re also ISO 20000-1 and ISO 22301 compliant, and PCI-DSS compliant. This just means that they take you and your money very seriously and have taken all the necessary precautions to ensure that you never have to hear long story.

Can I save with it?

Yes, you can. You can receive money from any Nigerian bank. Your bank name will be “gomoney” and your account number is the last 10 digits of your phone number.

How do I register?

Please visit

My Thoughts

I think their features are pretty great and you should try the dollar card feature. I’m also looking forward to more features on the app. Another thing I’m wondering is if they would have investment options in the future. If they don’t then it’s cool too. There is nothing wrong with being a platform that lets people save, send and receive money, and create cards. Especially for free.

How to Create a Free Dollar Card With Gomoney
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