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5 Places to Find Companies Hiring Around You

5 Places to Find Companies Hiring Around You

A while ago, I made a post about 10 places to find remote jobs for free and I had people asking about non-remote jobs, especially the ones in their city. In this post, I will be showing you 5 places to find companies hiring around you.


Pace Africa’s Job search page lets you choose jobs by salary range, employment type, level, company size and many more. One of the cool things about Pace Africa is that all the information about the job you’re applying for are laid out and the location/city is specified as well. On the Job search page, you can input a location and jobs in that location will show up.


LinkedIn search allows you to search for jobs by location, industry, language and many more options. All you need to do is to use the search bar at the top of the site, then apply the filters. Another interesting thing about LinkedIn is that you can check if your favourite companies are hiring by searching for them and clicking on the Jobs tab, like in the image below:

Spin jobs vacancy linkedin iammagnus


Indeed’s search page allows you to choose your city and country while searching for a job or company. Indeed is also one of the few job websites that let you upload your resume while searching for jobs in your city or in a particular location. Indeed also shows you company reviews, so you can get to know what people are saying about a company before you apply.

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Facebook Jobs

Facebook Jobs allows you to find vacancies and apply for jobs around you with your Facebook account. Jobs on Facebook is just a page and you can find all categories of jobs there. It shows you jobs in your “current city” first but you can change that location to anywhere you want. You can also subscribe to be notified about new job openings on that page. is also known as Angel list. The platform gives you access to startups, businesses and new products that are about to launch.
You can easily apply for jobs on Angel list. If you are looking for jobs around you then use the search feature. This search feature lets you search for roles by location and other filters.

You can also track roles you applied for, check messages and find companies that might be interested in you on Angel List.

Jobs on Google Search

This is a bonus. You can find jobs around through Google Search. Simply go on Google search and type “Jobs near me”, you’ll find companies hiring around you. You can also search for: Hiring around me, Jobs around me, etc.

5 Places to Find Companies Hiring Around You
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