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5 Free Featured Image Designers For Your Content

5 Free Featured Image Designers For Your Content

Have you created an awesome content like a blog post or YouTube video and you need a featured image to help you sell your message? Well, you have come to the right place because I would show you five free graphic editors that you can use to create your featured image.


Pixlr is a strong, free program for photo-editing. It’s incredibly close to Photoshop with minimal functionality. It’s one of the most convenient GUI picture editors available on the market. The tools used in Pixlr are different because they can also open the PSD extension file, making it the most awesome program available. For several purposes in business use, Pixlr is the best tool to easily edit pictures, you can delete shadow of images and create new images in jpeg, png, and other formats.

Pixlr is also able to adjust the image background colour without affecting the image itself, and for business logo and social promotion, you can easily create a transparent image. The app is stable and easy to manage for image editing with lightweight tools. With all these powerful features, creating a featured image should be a breeze.


With a beautiful and instinctive UI interface, Canva is so simple to use. The user experience is great as well. It has a free edition with design models that are readily available and that only needs to be personalized according to your liking. Compared to those in the same group, it is relatively an inexpensive software. Canva also has mobile apps that lets you make on-the-go designs and synchronize all the designs you have made, regardless of the platform you have used.

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It also makes it so simple to build your YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn featured image as well as posters you use to advertise offline, Canva is commonly used by content creators (e.g. bloggers, YouTubers to create video thumbnails), so a large audience uses Canva as a program for photo design. It’s really simple to use and gives you a lot of free design material. You don’t usually need to check for photos outside of Canva, but if you like, you can. It has the ability to export to PowerPoint for presentations.


Desygner is a powerful app for designing excellent posts and featured images. You’re not going to have to pay for it. The app has so many layouts and templates preloaded and split according to their type, such as social media posts, billboard art, graphic design, etc. It has official templates that can easily be edited and customized by simply clicking on them.

The app also gives you the option to choose the output file format and the best quality. You can join the creator community and post your templates there. You can also purchase premium templates if you need them. The post or design you create through this app can be used for any professional printing because of its A-grade quality.

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PicMonkey provides tools for graphic design and picture editing, as well as featured images, wedding invitation, design templates, announcements, thank you cards, business cards, etc.

Although free users can access most of the tools and features on the site, membership is required for the complete workflow of design and photo editing, including saving, sharing with social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and access to the integrated cloud storage choice of PicMonkey. It has a great selection of stock photos and graphic creation. PicMonkey has the ability to quickly create a collage of photos and add some filters, text, stickers. In order to incorporate its tools directly into a website, PicMonkey has an open API for developers.


Easil is like Canva on steroids, with higher functionality, better models, and great customer support!

The best way to create digital & print graphics is with Easil. Pick a template, and in just minutes, drag & drop to change. With Easil, an application that allows you to create your own customized graphics for social media or print, you can simplify your design process and amplify your message. To inspire you, you can find thousands of ready-made models, so you can make beautiful, personalized pictures that are totally special and simple to share. It provides an option to create layers in such a way that components can be grouped, renamed, and arranged visually, with the ease that the components do not need to be deleted, but only concealed.

5 Free Featured Image Designers For Your Content
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