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6 Powerful Youtube Channels For Learning Programming

6 Powerful Youtube Channels For Learning Programming

Have you ever wanted to learn to program but find boot camps expensive? Fear not, there are other platforms where you can learn programming for free. Youtube is one of such platforms, I would be sharing popular channels on Youtube that can get you started on your programming journey.


This is one of the best channels on Youtube for web developers. Shaun, an unbelievably talented British tutor, is the author. Net Ninja also has a dedicated website and his YouTube channel contains over 1000 lesson videos. He has several tutorial series with an emphasis on regularly published JavaScript and frameworks. All of them are of high quality and straight to the point.

There are about 30 videos in each tutorial. Every video is a step in a project’s realization. The videos run for 10 minutes. It’s the ideal length, I suppose because you don’t get tired and when you need it, you can take a little break. All the videos are organized and well illustrated in a very good way. The only thing to note is that Net Ninja is a web developer channel (mostly front-end), so you will not find application creation or data mining tutorials. However, I highly recommend this channel if you are interested in web creation.

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freeCodeCamp is a Youtube Channel with a massive amount of hours of content available. They also have a website where you will find many interactive tutorials on different topics in text form. They cover all possible subjects: web creation such as front-end, and back-end, Mobile App development language such as Java, Swift, and React Native, Statistical Development such as R, and Python and several other interesting lessons.

But what people love about freeCodeCamp is its Twitter group. They helped thousands of individuals learn how to program. Most users of Twitter do their tutorials and update and share their progress with their followers. It’s unbelievably inspiring. So take a look at this group and sign up for all of their channels.

Travesty Media

For Web developers of all sorts, from front-end, back-end to full-stack developers, Travesty Media is a great platform, as the platform itself is constantly updated with all types of web development content. The Youtube channel is run by Brad Travesty, The team behind the channel really enjoy their work and aim to make it the audience’s best learning experience.


Codecourse is where you can explicitly find detailed lessons with Bourbon and Neat about CSS coding. In addition, Codecourse also structures PHP’s MVC programs from the introductory level, as well as provides the unique introduction of basic to advanced levels of PHP materials.

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The Coding Train

Please go to this channel and check out the ‘Neural Networks and Machine Learning’ playlist if you are interested in machine learning. It’s interesting actually. If you are interested in the front-end, you will also find the JavaScript, HTML, and CSS playlist helpful. I haven’t looked at the tutorials on this subject personally, but I have seen a lot of encouraging feedback. Furthermore, the Coding Train channel covers some basic concepts very well, such as the notion of an array, loops, if … other phrases. So, if you are very new to programming, I highly recommend this channel’s beginner’s guide.


This is a Youtube channel maintained by Scott Tolinski, a charismatic person. You’ll stick with him forever if you watch one of his videos. This is a show about programming and not a series of tutorials, as he himself describes his channel. Its primary aim is to help individuals realize that programming can be enjoyable. And that’s it. With over 30 million total views, This channel covers a broad range of Programming topics and frameworks like React, Svelte and many more others.

6 Powerful Youtube Channels For Learning Programming
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