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5 KudaBank Alternatives For Nigerians

5 KudaBank Alternatives For Nigerians

Kuda or KudaBank is a digital-only bank, that is, a completely online bank that was created for the Nigerian populace. Kuda offers most of the services that the traditional banks offer and even more.

Kuda is even a registered bank with CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) as an actual bank and running your Kuda bank account can be done entirely from your phone. Kuda also issues debit cards and you can spend and save money with it. Please follow this link to learn more about KudaBank

Is Kuda Bank the only online banking platform that Nigerians can use? Well, thankfully, No. There are other options that are like KudaBank and they are also safe to bank with. In this article, we bring you 5 of the best Kuda Bank alternatives available for Nigerians.


Gomoney is a digital banking platform that allows you to save money, split bills with friends and family, request financial assistance from your friends and family, and take money with you everywhere. All you need is to download the Gomoney app. And start using it to carry out your financial transactions. You can schedule the payment of your bills with Gomoney as well. The platform also helps you to track your expenses. The Gomoney system is also secure according to their website and their goal is to include every Nigerian into the digital banking experience. Gomoney allows you to carry out transactions with any Nigerian bank and the platform is completely insured, so they assure you that your money is safe.

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Rubies Bank

Rubies is a digital platform that allows you to bank online. You can make deposits to other Nigerian bank accounts, request for cards, pay for services with the Rubies app. Also, the Rubies app is not only for personal reasons but also serves for business purposes. As a business set up with Rubies, you gain access to the Rubies payroll system and Open API. Apart from business and personal usage, you can also get credit i.e. loans, crowdfunding and digital lending services from Rubies. To top it up, Rubies is entirely free to start with. The app is available on Playstore and Apple store for both Android and iOS users.

ALAT by Wema

ALAT is a fully digital bank owned by the popular Wema bank of Nigeria. ALAT has an app that you can access on Google Playstore or Apple store. An ALAT account is very easy to open, all you need to open an account is your BVN and your phone number. You don’t need all the unnecessary paperwork that traditional banks ask for. The ALAT digital banking platform allows you to save money, request for fast loans, get a bank card for your ALAT account, get a free virtual dollar card, pay for your bills and services and more. You can visit their website to start the quick sign up process now.

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This is a digital bank for business owners and entrepreneurs. Their app is available on Google Playstore and Apple store. You can open a Prospa business account in no time. The app is all you need to manage your money on the platform. Prospa also has excellent human customer support 24/7, you can send money and receive payments on the platform as well. Prospa also allows you to create sub-accounts. These sub-accounts could be for taxes, marketing and other budgets. The business account is free to set up.


Abeg is the perfect digital platform to use if you want to send and receive money from your Nigerian friends and family very easily. If you ordered for food, you can pay with the Abeg app which is available both on Google playstore and Apple store for Android users and iOS users respectively. Abeg gives you a digital wallet that you can receive money into, or send money to someone from. You can also fund your wallet very easily. Abeg is a really cool digital platform with which you can afford to go cashless.

So, these are the 5 recommended Kuda Bank alternatives you can try in Nigeria today. Make your pick and start banking cashless.

5 KudaBank Alternatives For Nigerians
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