Clubhouse, Pinterest and YouTube: How to Utilize Social Media for Marketing

Clubhouse, Pinterest and YouTube: How to Utilize Social Media for Marketing in 2021

Some tips with Clubhouse, Pinterest, Youtube and Google My Business

It’s the start of a new year and I thought to share some tips that can help with your marketing and build loyalty as well. These tips and thoughts will help you and your business grow on the web. Let’s get started.


There’s a new rave about a new social networking app called Clubhouse. It is an invitation-only audio-chat social media app that has caused quite a stir in the social media industry. Some say it might be the new LinkedIn, and to others, it is for vibes and networking just like every other social media app. The good news is that for businesses, it is another tool for efficient marketing.

What is Clubhouse?

Our friends at MobileMonkey wrote a detailed explanation of what Clubhouse is and how to use it for explosive growth here.

Clubhouse is not working with Mark’s (Facebook) algorithm. So, it is definitely better for visibility than Instagram and Facebook. Google is also indexing Clubhouse rooms right now, so if you want to be an authority in the space, now is the time to get recognized. Here’s a good example of how to get indexed on Clubhouse.  Let’s say you are a product design expert and you want to show up on Google’s homepage using clubhouse; Create a room on product design, collaborate with great people in the same niche and share free knowledge. Always make sure that the knowledge has the capacity to add value to people’s lives and watch your audience grow. Better still, Clubhouse allows users to put in their social media handles. Ensure to get them to follow you so you can grow your audience on other apps as well.

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Pinterest is a visual search engine; although it is often viewed as a social network, it does not work like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Hence, you need to understand how this search engine works so that you can use it the right way. As a search engine, Google indexes Pinterest content faster than Instagram. So if you’re a visual creator; ie photography, fashion designer and co. Pinterest is better to sell your content than Instagram.

Google My Business

Google My Business allows you to appear on maps for your business. This is essential for small business especially. If you’re new on the block and you’d like some visibility for people around you, Google My Business is the best place to be. Just like the name implies, when people Google a keyword that is related to your product or service, yours would likely pop up with more details and directions to your business.

Keywords Analysis

SEO is the best way to organic growth for your business but it also takes time and consistency. Making sure that you have sufficient keyword “stuffing” is paramount. Let your important keywords be everywhere. It should be in your social media profiles, title tags, meta tags, descriptions. According to an Instagram expert, adding your keyword to your handle and your name boosts your chances of visibility by a 100%. If you are into fitness as a fitness coach, it is always important to add the word  “coach” to your handle and your name. This way, you’d appear on the results for anyone in need of a coach. SEO would help you appear on the radar for any keyword of your choice, build up authority and most importantly, boost your ranking on the search engine.

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Here’s a trick that works:
Utilize your YouTube analytics. When you make a post, go back to your analytics after some days and check where your users have scrolled back to watch; it shows in the analytics.
Use that particular content and build more content around it. This is called “repurposing content”. Post it on other social media platforms and check your analytics again. Don’t underestimate the value of using analytics.

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Clubhouse, Pinterest and YouTube: How to Utilize Social Media for Marketing
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