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5 Trusted Places to Learn Product Management in Nigeria

5 Trusted Places to Learn Product Management in Nigeria

So, working as a Product Manager is cool but It’s not all rosy like you think. If you want to go into Product Management in Nigeria, you’d need to work with teams and team members who will be required to meet goals and targets (KPIs).

You have to work with these teams and team members while being both a co-worker who puts yourself in their shoes and also a Manager (doesn’t make you their boss but you have to push them to meet KPIs)

The difference between a Product Manager and a Product Designer

A Product Manager helps to find what the product is… You will do your research… Surveys… Usability tests etc. BEFORE and AFTER the product is built. Product Managers talk to the customers, understand their needs etc. This is one of the reasons why someone from Customer Support can make a good Product Manager.

A Product Designer handles the “Look and Feel” of a product. They understand what to DESIGN and build AFTER collecting a lot of information from the Product Manager.

So, the product manager defines the “WHAT”, Product Designer handles the “HOW”

In this post, we will be looking at the 5 trusted places to Learn Product Management in Nigeria. These schools and platforms are highly rated and most Product Managers who came up from Nigeria can testify that they have seen or been there before. Let’s get started.

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5 Trusted Places to Learn Product Management in Nigeria


ProductDive helps Product Managers and Aspiring Product Managers to become highly-skilled so that they can build tech products that serve customers better. They also teach you how to land your first Product Management job.

The School (ProductDive) was founded by Oluwatobi Otokiti who is currently a Senior Product Manager at Flutterwave with over 7 years of experience across multiple industries. She is also a Certified Product Manager and holds a Bachelor and a Masters degree in Computer Science.

ProductDive is an authorised testing partner in partnership with the Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM), the world’s largest Product Management Association to provide their Product Management Certification courses and exams for whoever wants to become a Certified Product Manager.

One of the things I like about ProductDive is how they detail their curriculum on the homepage of their website and the costs of their programs. Quite affordable. Nothing is hidden. You also get to see their next resumption dates as well, plus an email and phone number to reach out to if you have any questions.


Utiva is a Technology Workforce Development company that helps people learn premium technology skills virtually and partners with companies to hire the best talents and invest in workforce development. They currently have learners from 19 countries.

Utiva does not just teach Product Management, they have a Data School, Design School, Programming School, Digital Marketing School and of course, a Product School for you to learn Product Management in Nigeria.

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Utiva’s Product Management programme lasts 7 weeks and the classes are 100% virtual. You can follow this link to check out their brochure, what you will learn, how you will learn and how to contact them. Did I mention they offer scholarships? Do check it out.

PM Africa

Oh no, It’s not a School. It’s a community of Product Managers across Africa. PMAfrica is a fast-growing community of techies and product managers sharing practical insights into successful product design and development, as well as business education for product teams. You can check them out and Join their slack channel. PM Africa is a huge window of opportunity for those looking to learn or get hired as Product Managers.


5 Week Aspiring Product Manager (APM) is a collaborative learning community where people from around the world can learn & build together! It is a safe space for you to practice, grow and fail forward. The platform was founded by the amazing Lisa Huang-North who has been a Product Lead on many projects for some many years.

5 Week APM is on a mission to democratize access to Product Management training for everyone – regardless of your financial situation. You can learn more about the platform by clicking here. They also have a collaborative learning community on Facebook:


About 4 years ago, I took a Product Management course by Cole Mercer and Evan Kimbrell on Udemy. The course took me a very long time to finish because I had just finished school and I was doing a bunch of other things on the side… The course is very rich and you’ll have access to a lot of materials to read and quizzes to take while taking this course – This is the course.

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There are more courses on Product Management on Udemy as well. Tons of them. Some are even free. So, be sure to check Udemy.

Where to Find Product Management Opportunities in Nigeria

For Opportunities. Join these groups:

  1. Product Managers in Africa has a Slack channel. You can join the channel by following this link: or you can just visit their website, in case the Slack link expires.
  2. WWR: We Work Remotely is a large, global platform of individuals pursuing remote work and companies looking to hire. Their slack channel is very huge and there are so many opportunities every week:
  3. ProductDive has a Slack channel too. You can join for free:

You’ll meet a lot of people in those communities. Feel free to ask questions and check out their resources.

My Advice to Those Looking for Product Management Jobs

If you’re just starting out, apply to any company as a Junior Product Manager or Intern. Then work your way up from there, under a Senior or manager.

Also, there is a huge chance of landing a job/internship If you have Customer Support experience and truly show that you have empathy – You put yourself in people’s shoes.

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5 Trusted Places to Learn Product Management in Nigeria
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