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10 Powerful Tools to Get More Listeners For Your Clubhouse Event

10 Tools to Get More Listeners For Your Clubhouse Event
Clubhouse is a new social media platform and voice chat application that allows users to have meaningful conversations on different topics of interest. Individuals who use the platform can host events, create rooms, invite others to join a conversation, and just discuss. The app was released in April 2020, and since then, it has gotten really popular.
Every room created on Clubhouse has a unique topic of its own that is being discussed. When you open the app, you will be met with a list of rooms or you can just go ahead to create your own room. All the conversations on the platform are in audio/voice format. The app became more popular when the Russian president, Vladimir Putin invited Elon Musk to join a conversation on the app. And also, Oprah Winfrey is also rumoured to be a user of the application.

10 Tools to Get More Listeners For Your Clubhouse Event

But that’s not the real reason why you’re here. The real purpose of this article is to enlighten you on the top 10 unique tools that you can use to get more listeners for your Clubhouse events.


Direcon is a very effective tool that you can use to get detailed analytics about clubhouse events. If you want to get detailed insights on past rooms or current rooms, or even insights on who your audiences are, then Direcon is a sure bet. With Direcon in your hands, you can become a better moderator at your clubhouse event. To get started, you need to have a Clubhouse account, you need to also create an account with Direcon. Direcon boasts that they have up to 2,000 Clubhouse creators trusting them.

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The Chain Clubhouse Invites

This tool is another fantastic option for you that we dare not forget. This is actually a Telegram group that connects you with other clubhouse rooms, events, you can invite people to your room, or get more listeners for your clubhouse event through this Telegram group. The catch is, you need to have a Telegram account and this is incredibly easy to do. Once, you have installed the Telegram app and registered/logged in, you can then go to the link above, and join the group. The group has up to 12,578 members as of now.

Clubhouse Cards

This is a design tool that allows you to quickly and freely design clubhouse cards for that interesting clubhouse meetup that you are currently organizing. Because you will need to get or invite as many people as possible for your clubhouse event, it means you need to promote your event on social media. Clubhouse Cards makes it easy for you to design catchy and beautiful cards so that you can bring in more people.

With Yoyo, you can easily get more listeners for your event by listing your own room on the platform. Yoyo has a timeline on their website that features specific rooms, moderators and newcomers on their website front page. When you sign up to get your room listed on Yoyo, you will be indirectly drawing a lot of users to your room. You can also check a list of moderators on Clubhouse right from Yoyo.

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Housely lists a huge list of events that are available on Clubhouse on their platform. This means that if you list your room or event with Housely, you will definitely get more listeners. Housely helps other individuals who might not necessarily have created rooms of their own, to find rooms with topics they are interested in. Then it filters out the results of events or rooms you might be interested in, based on your interests.

People of Clubhouse

This tool or website will help find the right people to follow on Clubhouse. Because as a user, the rooms shown to you are based on the clubs or rooms you already follow. With their intense compilation of most influential people on Clubhouse, you can also choose who among these popular people to follow on the platform.


Roomhunt allows other Clubhouse users to add and upvote specific clubhouse rooms on their platform in order to enhance visibility. This means that you can add your own room and encourage others to upvote it. This way, you can garner more engagements and a result, more listeners. Also, if you want your room/event to be promoted by Roomhunt, you can visit their website and email them directly about it.

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Rooms of Clubhouse

Rooms of Clubhouse is a tool that Clubhouse users can use to find rooms on Clubhouse faster. Users will need to enter parameters for filtering rooms like the language of the room, the room information and then the link to the room will be displayed. With Rooms of Clubhouse, you can search for both open and scheduled rooms on the platform. Since users can search for events or rooms quickly with this tool, you can get more listeners for your event through it.

Cast House

Cast House allows you to browse through moderators, rooms, topics, languages etc., as a Clubhouse user. You can also search through categories, view the most popular events or rooms, get tutorials on how to record audio on Clubhouse, check podcasts and playlists, etc. On their front page, you will find useful and popular interviews on Cast House like interviews with Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, etc. is a great resource that Clubhouse users and moderators can use for browsing different clubhouse rooms, events, clubs and even users. Your own room or event can also be featured on their web front-page by simply requesting for it by contacting them.
The main catch with Clubhouse is for users to be able to have free and interesting conversations. The more listeners, the more engaging and interesting your events can be. So, don’t hesitate to try any of the tools we recommended.


10 Powerful Tools to Get More Listeners For Your Clubhouse Event
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