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5 Reasons Why We Still Don’t Speak Good English?

This is one of those straight forward posts i don't talk funny or make fun of you... us. Now the ...
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CAREER TRANSITIONS: Stories And Advice From Successful Women Who Took The Leap

CAREER TRANSITIONS This Video was Presented by Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò and The Women's Collaborative-NYC. A panel discussion to explore the ...
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Make Money From Blogging? Don’t Be A Blog Prostitute

Make Money From Blogging? A prostitute is anybody (male or female) that doesn't sit in one place, night or day, ...
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Managing Career With Home, Kids & Family

Great News!: In this Article, we're giving away a FREE eBook titled: Tips To Improve Work And Family Balance. Click ...
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Valentine? Here’s A Touching Love Story

A girl and guy were speeding over 100 mph on a motorcycle Girl: Slow down. I'm scared. Guy: No this ...
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One Weird Way To Break Up On Valentine’s Day

Love is a beautiful thing huhn? Here's one way to lose her on Valentine's day This is simple: 1. Ask ...
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OPPORTUNITY COMES BUT ONCE is The Biggest Lie You’ve Been Told

Opportunity comes but Once is probably one of the Biggest and Most common Lies I have heard since I arrived ...
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Career Women Series II: The Challenges And Myths Of Facing A Career

On a previous post here. we talked about Making a Career Woman and as promised, this is the second part of the ...
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Career Women Series I: Making A Career Woman

Courtesy: A career woman is a woman who takes pride in her career, who chooses to work and often ...
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Exclusive Interview: Brendan Nsikak – “We Always Set The Pace For Others To Follow”

Creative Director, CEO Brendance and Crusader ltd. And Nigeria International Supermodel. The Producer of Mr and Miss Nigeria international Brendan ...
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How To Manage Your Teens

A teenager, or teen, is a young person whose age falls within the range from thirteen through nineteen (13–19). They ...
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How To Move, Copy or Delete A Book On OkadaBooks’ App

This is one of the most wanted tutorial so far on OkadaBooks App because you would want to delete a ...
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Loving Your Body In Pregnancy

If you enjoy parading your body around in bikini or you just love the flat belly button and your slim ...
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How To Fix “Data Unavailable” On OkadaBooks App

Whenever i tried to login to the app, it says "Data Unavailable." My password was correct and my email was ...
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OMG: Author Ibitola Ojoye Shares Acceptance For Free On OkadaBooks To Mark The New Year

Hmmm, (In Obama's voice: It is no fiction or doubt in our modernized, fragile and violent world that ...*pauses*.... an Author ...
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How To Install OkadaBooks’ App From Amazon’s Appstore In 5 Minutes

A few hours ago, OkadaBooks landed on Amazon's Appstore. I already have a post on that here. As promised, i'll ...
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OkadaBooks Is Now On Amazon’s Appstore For Free

Credits: OkadaBooks/Amazon page yes, the android app is now on Amazon's Appstore. This is a brilliant move by the developers ...
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Women And Impulse Buying

If Impulse buying was a sin, everyone would have committed it. The funny thing about this topic is that most ...
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I have worked with Magnus during the development of an e-book app and website. he has continued to provide solutions to a high level. I have also worked with him with several other mini-projects which has shown his consistency with delivering successful solutions and being easy to work with.

I will always recommend him
Magnus is my Mentor, and one of the exemplary people I have had the opportunity of meeting. I have learned a lot from him, one of which is how invaluable it is to invest in people.

He is such an amazing person, everyone who comes in contact with him, testifies of it
Deborah Oyegue
Content Manager

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