Why You Got Nervous The First Time

The first time i went to see a girl for the wrong reasons, i ended up disappointed. I mean, i had an erection for the entire bad things i had in mind but the words won’t come out (yuck!). Another time i hanged out with a sexy girl, her beauty intimidated me and turned me to a pastor, i was advising and preaching for the rest of the day, oh well, i bet she sees me as a teacher now! Lame!

“It’s normal to get nervous, it’s normal to fall in love. Should we say it’s normal to get nervous when we fall in love?” Oh well, I’ve listed the chronic reasons why you should get nervous around a girl below.

It’s your first time: Yea, there’s always a first time for everything.The first times with a girl is the hardest. For me, i had no first times. I was meant to see her but turned down the event at the last minute because i was …
You are feeling inferior: She had those eyes that says “nothing.” No matter how much i stared at them, I’d never know what she’s thinking. It really bothered me and made me feel insecure ( Relationship and health insecurity) and i got really nervous about it.
You are thinking she’s expecting a kiss: or maybe you think she thinks you’re weak because you can’t kiss her. Maybe you’re the one who wants the kiss because you think she’s hot! At this point, you get really nervous and i heard a guy once ran off at this point… like he’s been chased. Weird
Your previous encounter was bad: I don’t know if you did all or any of the earlier mentioned but once you remember the sh#t that happened the other day (or night), you’d get nervous. I call it fear of the unKnown.
Sex!: The word alone attracts the sheeeeeeeeety attention of some guys. Especially those that spend too much time with porn or masturbation. It’ll really be difficult to handle a real life s*x if you are used to the act of “selfSexing.” Anyways, most guys fail around a girl because they simply get an erection! Lmao!

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Why You Got Nervous The First Time
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