Year: 2015

Addendum: Okadabooks’ 2015 Yearbook

Whoop! Whoop! My last Okada post for 2015 is finally flowing through your pupils… because you’re reading this. We came up with a lot of crazy ideas this year and they really paid off – most of them. If you missed any of these great ideas we shared on the Facebook page or on the […]

Download Latest Okadabooks App on Android, Windows and Blackberry

Okadabooks recently shares a new update with us. In my other post HERE, i shared the MAJOR stuff on the new update and you could download the app on this page for Android, Blackberry and Windows Phones You can download Okadabooks app through these links. For Windows: For Blackberry/Amazon: For Android: If […]

NEW: Okadabooks 3.0.7 With Credit/Debit Card Refill Options

We now have the Credit/Debit Refill options on Okadabooks Okay, how long was i gone?… were you gone? Never mind. We’re still alive anyway. So, with lots of money to be made from your books and little to spend on others’ own, Okadabooks took a BIG step recently to add a refill system we’ve all […]

How Jim Carrey Saved My Life

Curled From: Actor Jim Carrey provided the inspiring, funny, and enlightening commencement speech for MUM’s class of 2014. He encouraged the students to think big and to choose love rather than give into fear. Many said it was the best commencement address they’d seen. Below you’ll find the full video and transcript of Carrey’s […]

[Collyde Prime] The Angriest Man In Lagos

Collyde Prime, Angriest Man In Lagos Chapter 1 I woke up late. Not that it was anyone’s fault but mine that is why I was pissed. Crouching on my rug with my head pounding like a symphony of sirens was playing in my head. I sincerely didn’t feel like going to work today not because […]

Everyone Has Stopped Dreaming For You!

You have this gift that annoys everyone else, in fact, THEY see this your gift as their problem. This gift is being yourself every single day. Its a problem to some people, because they can never be like you! Ever! And it hurts them so much! At first, they’d think you’re either crazy or stupid […]

Reading? Here’s 5 Okadabooks You Should Read In September

It’s September in a bit, wow! I thought it’d take awhile. Anyways, i’m still alive and so are you, right? If you’re not the “picky” type of reader on Okadabooks; you’d always find it difficult to choose what to read and who to choose from, most of the time. This is so because there are […]

Coming Soon: The Brand Of Cain – Larry Sun

THE BRAND OF CAIN (A body outside the house, suspicion falls inside). You Love The Chase Series? Then This Is For You “The Brand Of Cain” is a crime story that drops readers into a world far different from what they have ever seen. Title: The Brand of Cain Sub Title: The First Book of […]

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