The Benefits Of Maintaining Ignorance

Ignorant. The adjective has been used a lot of times to describe anyone who is unaware, those who deliberately ignore or disregard important information or facts. Mind you “Ignorance is slightly different from stupidity” So, anyone who is ignorant, is likely not stupid and just because it has negative consequences doesn’t mean it doesn’t have positive ones. Ignorance is bliss
Classmates Debby and Gloria were writing a test. They had both not prepared for the test and really depended on it’s results. Half way into the test, they had both answered a lot of questions they weren’t sure of when the invigilator passed by them and laughed. He continued laughing at both students and it really bothered them and other students in the examination hall. Debby stood up, asked for a new answers sheet and rewrote the answers. In a few minutes, she had already changed her previous answers and persuaded Gloria to do the same but Gloria refused. At the end of the test, Debby failed woefully.
  • It’s a Human Thing: We cannot listen, follow or obey every instruction(s) given to us in today’s world. Whether online or Offline, sometimes you’ve got stick to what you’ve made up your mind with, like the story above.
  • Knowledge is not itself power, although it is the magnetic field of power. Ignorance and opacity collude or compete with it in mobilizing the flows of energy, desire, goods, persons. There’s a saying that “knowledge is power”. But sometimes ignorance has advantages too.
  • You won’t give up easily: One of the advantages of maintaining ignorance is that you never have to climb down like that. It could be in business, exercise, etc, giving up will be off your list when you’re ignorant. It can be especially painful for humans to have to “climb down” when they’ve taken a position in public and gone on and on about it
  • No one will brainwash you with the wrong beliefs
  • It saves people from the perils of information, misinformation and confusion.
Conclusion: Recognizing one’s uncertainty is not always a life or death matter, as it was for Gawande. The ability to know that one may not know is important in countless situations, from the profound to the mundane. Take, for instance, the common case of studying for a test that will be take place in a few days. During study, the learner must make a myriad of decisions and stick to a few. Even in dealing with humans.
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The Benefits Of Maintaining Ignorance



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