Career Women Series II: The Challenges And Myths Of Facing A Career

On a previous post here. we talked about Making a Career Woman and as promised, this is the second part of the series. You could leave your comments, suggestions and questions at the comment box or follow lolo (@Officiallolo1 or @Ogamadamoffice) on any of the popular social network plattforms.

It is no news that more than half of business people in Nigeria complain about the lack of electricity. It is not just a complain, it’s the truth but that should not stop a career woman from reaching her goals and inspiring others. This particular post will not talk about the challenges Nigerian women are facing. However, if you follow this post, you could share the challenges you’re facing with your business on the comment box below the post.

In this post, we would talk about what people could do to discourage you from starting up as a career woman. Do not take these kind of people serious, they could kill your career

1. You cannot do it: This is what has discouraged a lot of bright women over the years. Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot do a business because they can’t or don’t want to do it. People are not the same and you are not them. Seek positive advice and honest opinions from people you trust only.

2. You are too small: My dear, nobody is too small in this century anymore. A lot of young women are graduating from various schools and jobs, everyday. Do not take it from anyone that you are small to chase your dreams or change your world. If you are listening to me or reading this, YOU ARE NOT TOO YOUNG OR SMALL.

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3. Start with Millions of Money Or Start Big: The Igbo people have an adage that says: “It is only a grave that you dig from the top” and it is true. Whatever it is you want to do, start from somewhere, no matter how little. What is important is that you just have to start. You will learn a lot from there to better yourself

4. Start with a big shop/company: This is not true too. You could start from a smaller place that would sharpen your experience and help you walk your way up.

5. They will not patronize you: Have you ever heard someone saying something like that or something similar? Well, This is more like a curse and you should not take it from anyone. Most of all, don’t believe them, please.

6. Everyone is doing it: And so what? If it is something you love, go for it. You will come out successful than the other people that have been there.

Conclusion: You don’t have to let negativity cloak your dreams. Most of all, whatever it is you start, do it well and finish it. God will reward your efforts

This topic is not over, stay with us for more posts and updates on this topic. You could follow lolo @Officiallolo1 or @Ogamadamoffice and don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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Career Women Series II: The Challenges And Myths Of Facing A Career



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