OPPORTUNITY COMES BUT ONCE is The Biggest Lie You’ve Been Told

Opportunity comes but Once is probably one of the Biggest and Most common Lies I have heard since I arrived in planet earth. I still hear people talk the crap till today.
This powerful lie had made people become desperate for Things they had no idea about. Especially Riches and fame. To be frank, you see these things called MONEY, FAME, BIG HOUSES, GOOD FOOD WITH DRINKS, these things are good, I even may like them even more than you do, (In Nigerian Igbo accent: who no likey better tin), but sooner or later these are things which desperate people begin to realise they have Little or No idea about. Such situations have led to backslides and irreversible mistakes that are far worse than loosing THE OPPORTUNITY if it was let go at the first place. 
I’ll tell us a short story…..

There’s a guy who owned an amazing technology blog, One day he got a mail about SPONSORED POST OPPORTUNITY from a Casino Client, Casino and Gamble are Strictly Forbidden on his type of blog, this client knew the rules yet he agreed and wanted to pay as high as 250USD very tempting huh? Guess what… the blogger-Guy turned down the Proposal, coz he had set values on the kind of post he accepted. The cash was much, but could kill his reputation and all He had taken years to build with his Blog.

Let’s look at that huge money Offer he was about loosing again, 250USD (about 43,000 in Naira). But Nope, he didn’t worry, He didn’t loose it anyway, He kept His values, kept working and Had better opportunities after that one.
Yeah you heard me right, BETTER OPPORTUNITIES that were relevant came and He Accepted them, which pushed Bigger Cash into his Pocket.

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This had taught me that Not every great saying that you hear, is true, even if it is popular, and has been said for a long time.
A lie repeated a thousand times, for a thousand years, will always be a lie.
This is another reason We need be careful about the Authenticity of Mentorship we receive, some of them are nothing but Lies and Half-Truths. Imaging chewing and swallowing a food like that, yuck!
No matter how old and experienced we already are, We are still like New born Babies, we can’t grow as healthy as possible if we’re Underfed by such Diet of information.

When it comes to Opportunities, if you know your Value, if you know What you can Do, and How you can do it… “Opportunity” won’t Come But Once,  you’ll create your doors and “Opportunities” will come to you…. in different Sizes!… many times.

Cheers to your success.
Till I come here again,

I remain Ifediri ( A.K.A – Edi )
The Founder and Author of the Tech blog >>  editweaks.com

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OPPORTUNITY COMES BUT ONCE is The Biggest Lie You’ve Been Told



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